How to Appear Offline on Discord (Be Invisible)

Appear offline on Discord

Discord is built for communication and social interaction, but there are times when you want to remove the distractions to concentrate on other tasks.

Logging out of Discord is one option, but if you still want to be on the server, the invisible status comes in handy.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn all there is to Discord Statuses and how to appear offline on Discord using the invisible status.

What to Know

‣ To appear offline use, the invisible status.

‣ There is no way to find out whether you are truly offline or just using the invisible status. 

‣ Discord statuses are tied to your profile, so you cannot appear offline to some users and servers only.

Discord Status Types

There are four status types in Discord, and a fifth option is to set any custom status.

Online – This is the default status that every user gets when they open the Discord app. Online status indicates that you are available on the server and are open to interacting with other users. You get a green dot next to your avatar.

Idle – This status is automatically assigned when you have been inactive on the server for some time. The server admins can set the away duration before the idle status is shown. In this status, a yellow half-moon appears next to your avatar.

Idle status can be set manually as well for an indefinite duration. Doing this will keep the idle status even if you become active on the server.

For more details, read our article what does Idle mean on Discord which covers more details about this status.

Do Not Disturb – shows a red dot next to your avatar to indicate that you are online but do not want to interact with anyone.

This doesn’t stop other users from still reaching out to you for a chat or sending direct messages, but all desktop notifications are muted.

Invisible – You appear offline to all Discord users but can continue using Discord with the invisible status.

You can use all Discord features (play games, chat, and send direct messages), but other users see you as offline. A grey circle appears next to your avatar.

Custom – You can even set a custom status along with each of the four Discord statuses. This custom status appears under your username and can be set for a certain duration or until you manually change it.

📋 Note: If you manually select your status (Idle, Do Not Disturb, or Invisible), it will remain as such until you log off Discord or change it back yourself.

Why Appear Offline on Discord?

If you are looking to concentrate on playing games or other tasks and do not want to miss any important messages or chats, the invisible status comes in handy.

Being in the invisible mode, you can follow everything that is happening on the server and get messages, but at the same time, get some peace and quiet as others will see you as offline.

Do Not Disturb status also conveys the same, but other users sometimes don’t respect it and still message you.

How to Appear Offline on Discord Desktop App

To appear offline on the Discord desktop app, you must manually set your status to ‘invisible’.

Fortunately, It could not be any easier to set it.

Step #1: Open the Discord app and click on your avatar in the bottom left corner.

Step #2: Click on the ‘Invisible’ option to appear offline

Appear offline on Discord desktop app

How to Appear Offline on Discord Mobile App

Set your status to ‘Invisible’ on the Discord mobile app to appear offline.

Step #1: Go to the main screen where you can see all the servers you are a member of and tap on your avatar in the bottom right corner.

Step #2: Tap on the ‘Set Status’ option.

Step #3: Select the ‘Invisible’ option to appear offline.

Appear offline on Discord mobile app

How to Hide What Game you are Playing

Discord is configured to display your current activity as a status message by default.

This means that Discord can show the name of the game you are playing, any other activity you might be doing, or if you are attending a public stage.

If you don’t want to disclose the game you are playing to the other users, you can turn off this setting.

Step #1: Click on the gear icon to open ‘User Settings’

Discord User settings

Step #2: Choose ‘Activity Status’ under ‘Activity Settings’ in the left menu

Step #3: Toggle the button to turn off the ‘Display current activity as a status message’ option.

Change discord current activity as status message option

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you Miss by Setting the Invisible Discord Status?

Discord’s invisible status does not restrict you or hides anything. So you can still use all Discord features, read chats and send messages.

All that is different is that there is a grey circle next to your avatar and other users see you as offline.

Can you Tell if Someone is Invisible in Discord?

Neither the server admins nor the users can tell if someone is in the ‘invisible’ status. The grey circle appears next to your avatar if you are in the ‘invisible’ status or are really offline, so the two are indistinguishable.

The only way to find you if someone is invisible, instead of offline, is to send them a direct message. They might reply, and you’ll know that they are available but using the ‘invisible’ status.

Can you set Invisible Status per Discord Server?

The invisible status cannot be set per server. Your status is tied to your account, not a server, and therefore the same status appears across all servers.

It is a frequently requested feature but currently not available.

Can you Appear Offline on Discord to Some Users?

You cannot choose to appear offline on Discord to some users. The status setting is tied to your account and universally applied.

Does Closing Discord Show you as Offline?

If you completely close the Discord desktop or mobile app, you will appear offline. However, it does take a few seconds to take effect.

If you just minimize the Discord app, it will not show you as offline.

Can you Appear Offline on a Discord Voice Channel?

You cannot join a voice channel and appear offline at the same time. This is an often requested feature by server admins but is not permitted due to privacy concerns.

What is the Difference Between Discord Do not Disturb and Invisible Status?

Do Not Disturb status indicates that you are online but do not want to interact with other users, whereas the invisible status shows you offline.

In either of the status, other users can still message you, but it is your choice to message them back or not.

👋 Find more tricks in our Discord guide.

Final Words on Being Invisible on Discord

That was it. With the ‘invisible’ status, you can continue using Discord without anyone knowing that you are online. Complete stealth mode.

The Discord statuses are similar to what you’ll find on other messaging apps and are very straightforward to use.

Statuses per server is a heavily requested feature, and maybe one day Discord will make it available.

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