9 Best Discord Plugins for BetterDiscord (2022 list)

Best Discord Plugins

Discord provides a lot of functionality, but do you still feel something is missing? Then you need to know about Discord plugins.

The Best Discord plugins completely change the way you use Discord and provide a lot of time-saving features.

What to Know

‣ There are no official Discord plugins, and Discord does not support third-party plugins.

‣ BetterDiscord violates Discord's policies, and there is some risk (very low) to using it.

‣ There has never been a known case of someone getting banned for using BetterDiscord plugins.

What are Discord Plugins?

Discord plugins are a way to add new features to the Discord client.

Plugins are written in Javascript and can be made to do pretty much anything. E.g., enhance the image and volume controls, shortcuts for frequently used actions, custom notifications, etc.

There is no direct way to install plugins in Discord; therefore, we’ll need BetterDiscord to do it.

Are Discord Plugins Allowed?

Discord does not have any official plugins and discourages using any external plugins. Furthermore, it is against Discord Terms of Service (ToS) to use plugins to change Discord functionality.

One can still safely use plugins if they do not contain malicious code or abuse the service. BetterDiscord plugins are considered safe, as the code is manually verified.

What is BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is an add-on built by the user community to add missing features to Discord.

Using BetterDiscord one can get themes and plugins, and also contribute back by building some of your own.

Add-ons such as BetterDiscord provide a way to enhance Discord, but using BetterDiscord violates Discord’s policies, and you risk getting suspended.

But there has been no case where an account was banned for using BetterDiscord.

As long as you don’t use some shady plugins or try to abuse the Discord services, you are in the clear and should not get into trouble with Discord.

To find out more about BetterDiscord (is it safe? is it legal? etc.) read our guide on all things BetterDiscord. It even covers the steps to install it on your computer easily.

📋 Note: BetterDiscord violates the Discord Terms of Service and could get your account banned. 

The risk is low if you only use BetterDiscord for themes or only use the most popular plugins. 

But still, use BetterDiscord at your own risk.
👋 Our Discord guide covers more Discord Customization tips.

How to Install Better Discord Plugins

It could not be easier to install BetterDiscord plugins. The following steps will guide you through it.

Before you begin, you have to install BetterDiscord. Our guide on BetterDiscord covers the installation process as well.

Step#1: Head over to the BetterDiscord Plugin library.

Step #2: Download the plugin you like by clicking the ‘Download’ button.

Download discord plugin

Step #3: Back in Discord, go to the User Settings

Discord user settings

Step #4: Find the ‘BetterDiscord’ section on the left-hand side menu, and select the ‘Plugins’ option.

Step #5: Click on ‘Open Plugins Folder’ to open the default plugin folder on your computer.

Discord plugins settings

Step #6: Copy the downloaded plugin into this folder

Discord plugin folder

Step #7: Go back to your Discord screen to find the plugin and enable it. Sometimes additional libraries would be needed by the plugin as well, and the plugin will download them by itself.

Discord enable plugin

Best Discord Plugins

There are over 200 plugins available to download from the plugin library.

It becomes hard to choose with so many choices, but the list below will help you get the most useful and popular plugins.

Show Hidden Channels

Discord Show hidden channels plugin

Ever wonder if there are any hidden channels on a server.

The server admins create hidden channels to have conversations with other members privately. Members who do not have permission on these private channels cannot see the channel name or the conversation within it.

This is where the ShowHiddenChannels plugin steps in. Once installed, this plugin can show you the names of the private channels, but you won’t still be able to see the private conversations.

With over one million downloads, this is by far the most downloaded and liked plugin.

Call Time Counter

Discord Call Time Counter plugin

Discord does not provide a way to find out how long you have been in a voice chat. Moreover, it is such an essential function that I am unsure how Discord missed it.

The CallTimeCounter plugin adds a timer to your voice chat control window that displays the elapsed time.

The fact that it has been downloaded more than 500,000 times shows how much the community needs this function.

Image Utilities

Discord image utilities plugin

Let’s be honest; Discord doesn’t provide many functions to deal with images.

The ImageUtilities plugin, as the name suggests, adds a lot of missing utilities to Discord.

With this plugin, you can choose to save the images in a different location, copy them, reverse search images, etc.

It also has an Image Zoom Lens that lets you zoom into certain areas of an image.

Split Large Messages

Discord Split large messages plugin

Discord has a 2000 character text message limit.

To send messages longer than this limit, you’ll need the SplitLargeMessages plugin.

This plugin allows you to enter larger messages and then automatically splits the message into multiple smaller messages.


Discord translator plugin

Saw a message in a different language and do not know what it means? Then, you need the Translator plugin.

Rather than copying the message text and using other translation services, you can translate the text within Discord with this plugin.

Not only can this plugin translate the text messages in the chat, but it can also translate your messages to a different language.

Read All Notifications Button

Discord read all notifications plugin

If you log into a Discord server after a long time, you’ll be overwhelmed with all the notifications for you from all the different channels.

If you just want to remove these notifications without reading them, then the ReadAllNotifcationsButton plugin can help.

This plugin adds a button to the server list and the mention popouts. Clicking the button clears all notifications instantly.

Spotify Controls

Discord spotify controls plugin

With the shutting down of Rythm and Groovy bot, Spotify has become the service of choice to listen to music on Discord.

Switching back and forth between Discord and Spotify to control the music can get annoying really fast.

SpotifyControls plugin solves this by providing a Spotify control panel within the server to change, pause or play your songs.

Free Emojis

Discord Free Emojis plugin

Don’t have a Discord Nitro subscription, but still want to use custom emojis? Get the FreeEmojis plugin.

This plugin lets you send custom emojis as links. While this is not as convenient as using Discord Nitro, it is an excellent free alternative.

Better Role Colors

Discord better roles colors plugin

Roles give permissions to server members, and as an admin, you can create many roles.

The BetterRoleColors plugin associates a color with every role, and then the username of each member will be colored based on the roles they have.

This colored username will be displayed during typing, voice, popouts, etc.

You can also have your status at the bottom match your role on the Discord server.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get banned on Discord for Using Plugins?

Plugins are against Discord Terms of Service (ToS), and you do have the risk of getting banned. However, this risk can be greatly reduced by avoiding suspicious plugins.

Plugins in the BetterDiscord library are checked for malicious code and the generally safe.

Where are the Plugins in Discord?

You can find the installed plugins in the Plugins settings by going to User Settings > Plugins.

The plugin folder (User Settings > Plugins > Open Plugins Folder) is where the code for the plugins is present.

Can you use other plugins with BetterDiscord?

You can use any other plugin with BetterDiscord as well. These plugins do not necessarily have to be from the BetterDiscord website.

A good example of this is the MessageLogger plugging that logs all server messages and can be used to see deleted Discord messages.

Wrapping up Best Discord Plugins

Plugins make minor tweaks to Discord, but the best BetterDiscord themes can completely change Discord’s appearance. Themes are the ultimate customization.

You don’t need a plugin to appear offline in Discord, as Discord provides an invisible status to do this.

Hopefully, Discord will provide plugins to customize and add additional features in the future.

This article will be revised as more interesting plugins are built. But, till then, download these nine plugins to increase Discord’s functionality further and become a power user.

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