9+ Best Discord Server Templates (2022 List)

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Discord server templates are a quick way to set up a server using a copy of another server’s configuration.

Rather than creating and setting up a server from scratch, you can clone existing categories, roles, channels, and permissions to get started quickly.

In this article, we’ll go over the best discord server templates and also share some other insights.

Apart from using templates, you can also create your own to replicate your server or share them with the community.

What to Know

‣ You cannot use a server template on the Discord mobile app. Only through the browser or the desktop app can the templates be applied.

‣ Only server owners and admins can extract the server setup and layout as a template.

‣ To apply a template to an existing server, you'll have to use the Xenon bot.

What do Server Templates Copy?

If you are hesitant to use server templates due to privacy or other concerns, then you can rest easy as the templates do not clone the server data.

Only the channels, roles, permission, and server settings are copied into a template.

Direct messages, chats, server names, member details, and bots are not copied into a template.

Discord template rules

Where can you Find Discord Server Templates?

There are many sites, including the official Discord site, where you can browse and download templates.

These templates are organized by styles and themes, such as community, creators & hobbies, study groups, family & friends, anime, gaming, etc.

Some of the best places to find Discord server templates are:

You can narrow the selection by choosing a theme or tag and seeing the number of downloads and likes.

If you like some server’s layout, as a regular user, you cannot determine the template that was used. So your only option is to ask the owner or admins.

How to use Discord Server Templates

The first step in using a Discord server template is to choose a template.

You can go to any of the sites mentioned in the previous section and search for a template per your liking.

You can look at the most popular template or the latest ones. You can also search using keywords or categories matching the theme of your server.

Once you have found a template you like, you’ll find an option to ‘Use this template’ or ‘Add this template’.

Add a template

This will launch Discord, and you’ll be prompted to provide a server name and upload a server picture.

After choosing the server name, click on ‘Create’ and your server will be created instantaneously.

You’ll see channels, roles, and permissions already set up within the server, and you are ready to go.

That is all there is to use a template to set up a server.

Best Discord Server Templates

‘Best server template’ can mean different things to different users.

Some users like a simple and clean server setup, whereas others like unique setups with many channels and roles.

Some users prefer aesthetic server layout to make it attractive, and others like a lot of emojis and text art in their servers.

No list will satisfy all users, but here is an attempt to list the best discord server templates that most of the users will find attractive.

Best Gaming Templates

Gaming Template

gaming template

Yes, it is simply called the gaming template, but it is hugely popular.

The template comes pre-configured with the usual welcome, rules, events, etc., channels.

It also has various voice channels for games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, Minecraft, Rainbow Six, etc.

Apart from the usual admin and moderator roles, there are multiple roles for users with gaming experience, such as ‘Godly gamer’, Legendary gamer’, ‘Epic gamer’, etc.

Download the template from here – https://discordtemplates.me/templates/715521591278043166

Folium’s Gaming Template

Folium gaming template

If you are just looking to quickly create a gaming server, you cannot go wrong with ‘Folium’s Gaming Template’.

It is a simple, straight-to-the-point template with no fancy channels or roles names, but has everything needed to start a server.

It is the simplicity of this template that has made it popular.

It provides the basic structure and expects you to make changes to customize it as per your liking.

You can get it here – https://discordtemplates.me/templates/694977927686783086

Best Community Templates

Small Community Server

Small community server template

With over 64000+ downloads, this is the most popular Discord server template for a clean and straightforward setup.

While it can be used for a gaming server as well, the simple setup is best for community servers.

It comes with the basic community channels such as general chat, pictures, music, etc.

Because of the simple setup, only a few roles are available, such as ‘everyone’, ‘OG’, ‘Friend’, ‘Mod’ and ‘Owner’.

You can get the template here – https://discordtemplates.me/templates/699020926079205468

Community Server

Community server template

If you are looking for a more advanced setup, you cannot go wrong with the Community Server template.

It comes with 40+ channels and 30+ roles, with roles and permissions pre-configured for the most popular bots (MEE6, etc.)

Anything you can think of is already present in this template, making it a huge time saver.

You can download the template here – https://discordtemplates.me/templates/722103232628785274

Best Aesthetic Templates

Green Aesthetic

green aesthetic template

With over 7000+ downloads, this is one of the most popular aesthetic server templates.

As the name suggests, this template uses a lot of green and is easy on the eyes.

It uses a lot of emojis and word art in its channel and roles names.

Get it here – https://www.discord.style/template/6085a0c6c7fd9a00167315f5

Cute Soft Aesthetic Server

cute aesthetic template

If you are looking for something aesthetic, then the ‘Cute, Soft Aesthetic’ server template is for you.

It has ‘Fun’ and ‘Cafe’ theme channels and has cute roles such as ‘star duct’, bubblegum’, etc.

You can download the server template from here – https://www.discord.style/template/607fea3570959d0011c0221d

Cafe Themed Aesthetic Server

cafe themed aesthetic template

A very welcoming and simple cafe-based theme, with just the right number of channels and roles.

It uses Cafe/food themes emojis throughout for channel and role names.

You can get the template here – https://discordtemplates.me/templates/742879912855339018

Best School/Study Groups Templates

School Classroom

school classroom template

Discord is really helpful to study groups to work on homework and projects together.

Therefore, it is no surprise that hundreds of templates exist for such school groups.

The ‘School Classroom’ stands out among all these templates with its simplicity.

It has all the necessary project and homework channels, and has roles for school staff, teachers, and students.

Get it here – https://xenon.bot/templates/jDB2kKKS4bns

Misty Study Discord Server

Misty study discord template

If you are looking for more options for a study server, then the ‘Misty Study Discord Server’ template is the way to go.

It has text channels for study groups, voice channels for study rooms, and roles such as ‘high school’, ‘college’, ‘university’ etc.

Get the Discord template here – https://www.discord.style/template/60bb4696f7cb36001696e1b6

Best Private Server Templates

Advanced Private Server

advanced private template

If you just want to create a private server for you and your friends/family, the ‘Advanced Private Server’ is a good template to start with.

It is a generic template that can be used for a gaming, community, or family server.

It already has all the channels and roles you’ll need, and it does not go overboard to keep things simple.

You can get the server template here – https://www.discord.style/template/606e0131d1a60700126b8ffd

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you Copy a Discord Server?

As a regular server member, you cannot copy the server as a template.

Only the server owner or admin can create a template from the server’s configuration to duplicate it or share it with the Discord community.

Can you Apply Templates to an Existing Discord Server?

Yes, you can apply a template to an existing Discord server using the Xenon bot.

Discord does not provide this function; therefore, you need the Xenon bot to do it. The bot has to be added to the server before the template can be applied.

Can you Change a Discord Server Template?

Yes, after you apply a template to create a server, you can still change the server setup as per your liking.

You can add/remove channels, roles, permissions, etc., just like any other server you own.

You can also generate a new template with your modifications.

👋 We have more articles on best Discord themes, plugins, etc. in our Discord guide.

Wrapping up Best Discord Server Templates

Discord templates make it so easy to create a server that everyone should be using them, especially new users.

If you are still looking for more templates, check the sites mentioned earlier in the article to find thousands of templates.

One of the first things server owners do, after setting up a server using a template, is to apply a theme to their new server. To save you time, we also have an article that lists the best Discord themes.

If you find a nice template, then go ahead and vote for it to show the developer some love.

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