170+ Best, Cool, Funny, Cute and Good Discord Status Ideas

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You have come to the right place if you are struggling to come up with good or funny Discord status ideas.

There are other lists on the internet, but they repeat the same ones and are not existing.

Therefore, we decided to create a unique list of Discord Status ideas that you can just copy and get started.

This article is a collection of the best Discord statuses that our team has come across.

Discord status reflects your mood and personality; therefore, we have divided our list into best, cool, funny, cute, and good statuses.

Best Discord Status Ideas

⭐ Be the game-changer.
⭐ Escape Reality & Play Games.
⭐ Steel wins battles, and Gold wins wars.
⭐ Keep calm and game on.
⭐ Keep Calm & Let The Games Begin.
⭐ The harder you press the button, the stronger the attack.
⭐ Escape reality and play games.
⭐ I’m not available because I’m in a game that isn’t available.
⭐ If I cannot outsmart them, I will outfight them.
⭐ I am a man of fortune, and I must seek my fortune.
⭐ Eat-Sleep-Play-Repeat.
⭐ I never asked for this.
⭐ Keep friends close & find enemies.
⭐ Do What’s Right Not Easy.
⭐ The only thing that goes beyond power is more power.
⭐ A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.
⭐ Every moment matters.
⭐ Go outside and get some sunshine.
⭐ Being Strong is not an option.
⭐ I have no idea what I’m doing now.
⭐ It feels good to be lost in right direction.
⭐ A positive attitude changes everything.
⭐ Think like a proton, always positive.
⭐ You were meant to be here. This moment is yours.
⭐ I Just Go To Play Whatever The Game Is In Front Of Me.
⭐ I am an unfortunate man, and I have to find my destiny.
⭐ Escape Reality & Play Games.
⭐ Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
⭐ Impossible is for the unwilling.
⭐ No pressure, no diamonds.
⭐ Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
⭐ Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
⭐ Dream big and dare to fail.
⭐ You never fail until you stop trying.
⭐ In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.

Cool Discord Status Ideas

🧊 I’m Soo Cool, Ice Cubes Are Jealous.
🧊 Keep Calm & Just Chill.
🧊 Genius By Birth, Evil By Choice.
🧊 Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.
🧊 The harder the success, the greater the joy of victory.
🧊 If you haven’t been successful before, you’re on average.
🧊 Perseverance can turn failure into success.
🧊 Good is not good when better is expected.
🧊 The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.
🧊 Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.
🧊 Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
🧊 I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
🧊 The only way to prove that you are a good player.
🧊 Champions keep playing until they win.
🧊 I am not addicted, I am addictive.
🧊 Perseverance can turn failure into success.
🧊 One person can be an important part of a team, but one is not the team.
🧊 I will say that I am a casual party, I am not a fanatic.
🧊 Love me or hate me, I’m still gonna shine.
🧊 Nothing is right, everything is allowed.
🧊 Whatever the night, the morning will always come.
🧊 We all make choices in life, but in the end, our choices make us.
🧊 Gamers don’t fear the apocalypse.
🧊 If you have something to prove, it’s nothing more than a challenge.
🧊 Keep friends close and enemies guessing.
🧊 Just one more game.
🧊 Turn your wounds into wisdom.

Funny Discord Status Ideas

😜 Back in 5 minutes. If not, read this status again.
😜 Don’t worry, beer happy.
😜 I’m in a serious relation-chip.
😜 I’ve got 99 problems, but our team isn’t one.
😜 I’m not immature, I just know how to have fun.
😜 Never make the same mistake twice, there are so many new ones to make.
😜 I like playing with my cat when I’m high. Because I don’t have one when I’m sober.
😜 Time is precious. Waste it wisely.
😜 Smart people like me don’t use away messages… I am so smart!
😜 I am nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am perfect!
😜 I’m right 90% of the time, so why worry about the other 3%.
😜 I tried being awesome today, but I was just so tired from being awesome yesterday.
😜 When life gives you lemons, throw them at someone!
😜 Some people just need a High-Five, on the face.
😜 I don’t care what other say or think about me, at least I am attractive to mosquitoes.
😜 Bigfoot saw me yesterday but no one believes him.
😜 State of survival discord.
😜 Today’s prediction: 100% chance of winning.
😜 First, we eat the wings.
😜 Parachute for sale, used once, never opened!
😜 There’s this lost cause I believe called myself.
😜 I’ll be back before you can pronounce actillimandataquerin altosapaoyabayadoondib!
😜 If you want to do something, do nothing. Because you are working now!
😜 God is really creative, I mean.. Just look at me.
😜 I would lose weight, but I hate losing.
😜 I love my job only when I’m on vacation.
😜 Be strong I whispered to my wifi signal.
😜 I didn’t lose my mind..I just sold it online.
😜 I’m so poor..I can’t even pay attention.
😜 I was born intelligent, but education ruined me!
😜 I am not fat, I am just easier to see.
😜 Trust me I am a liar.
😜 You don’t have to be crazy to hang out with me..I’ll train you.
😜 Behind every successful man, there is a surprised woman.
😜 I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download food.
😜 Video Games Ruined My Life. Good Thing I Have Two More.

Cute Discord Status Ideas

🧸 Beauty fades, this is why it’s beautiful.
🧸 Heroes never die.
🧸 Teamwork makes the dream work.
🧸 My team’s so gouda.
🧸 Only he who sees the hidden can accomplish the impossible.
🧸 The cake is a lie.
🧸 I am still wearing the smile you gave me.
🧸 Read books instead of reading my status.
🧸 Please don’t copy my status.
🧸 Status is loading…
🧸 I wish to be, who I used to be.
🧸 Let it go, can’t hold it back.
🧸 Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts.
🧸 Stop the world, I want to get out.
🧸 Silence is the best answer to a fool.
🧸 Life is simple if we are simple.
🧸 Miracles are on the way keep the faith.
🧸 Collect moments not things.
🧸 Don’t be the same, be better.
🧸 Love me or hate me, I’m still gonna shine.
🧸 Every small act makes a huge difference.
🧸 Dear God, Thanks for making me special.
🧸 Care less, Smile more.
🧸 Always wear your invisible crown.
🧸 I need Google in my brain.
🧸 Never too busy to be happy.
🧸 Do more of what makes you happy.
🧸 Hope strengthens us.
🧸 Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.
🧸 You do not find the happy life. You make it.
🧸 Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.
🧸 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
🧸 Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
🧸 Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

Good Discord Status Ideas

✔️ They told me I couldn’t, that’s why I did.
✔️ Wake me when you need me.
✔️ My brain is 90% gaming and tactics and 10% random stuff.
✔️ Everyone plans for tomorrow, but tomorrow is promised to no one.
✔️ Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.
✔️ It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum…and I’m all outta gum.
✔️ Endure and survive.
✔️ A man chooses; a slave obeys.
✔️ Men are but flesh and blood. They know their doom, but not the hour.
✔️ The only thing that can defeat power, is more power.
✔️ Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.
✔️ I wish it wasn’t easy, I wish you were better.
✔️ Men are just flesh and blood. They know their destiny, but not the time.
✔️ Don’t take my kindness as a sign of my weakness.
✔️ Dream big and dare to fail.
✔️ Besides gravity, nothing keeps me down.
✔️ Dare to be different.
✔️ A man looking off a cliff at a vast valley below him.
✔️ If you never had Friends…You never lived Life.
✔️ Only great minds can afford a simple style.
✔️ The wrong people will always teach you the right lessons.
✔️ Don’t stop until you’re proud.
✔️ Hesitation is defeat.
✔️ I am a man of fortune, and I must seek my fortune.
✔️ Success is not final, and failure is not fatal.
✔️ Even on the darkest of roads, the lord will always guide you through his light.
✔️ I have always believed that my greatest asset is not my physical ability, it is my mental ability.
✔️ Now we can fight like fighters.
✔️ Time passed, people left. Like a river, it never stops.
✔️ You don’t stop playing because you get older, you get older because you stop playing.
✔️ Wisdom is the fruit of sorrow and time.
✔️ If you’re going through hell, keep going.
✔️ If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.
✔️ Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
✔️ Good things happen to those who hustle.
✔️ You can if you think you can.
✔️ The wisest mind has something yet to learn.
✔️ Always do what you are afraid to do.

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Wrapping up Discord Status Ideas

Hopefully, you got some good Discord status ideas from this list.

Since there is no limit on how frequently you can change your status, you can use them all from time to time if you like more than one.

We have other articles as well that cover the best and funny Discord names, if you are looking for additional inspiration.

This article is updated from time to time, so check back again to find new status ideas.

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