What is BetterDiscord and How to Use It (All Questions Answered)

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All Discord users, sooner or later, start searching for ways to change the default Discord theme and come across many Discord mods.

Out of all Discord mods out there, BetterDiscord is by far the most popular and supported mod.

Discord users have wholeheartedly adopted BetterDiscord to do what Discord lacks.

So, let’s find out what is BetterDiscord and how to use it.

What to Know

‣ BetterDiscord violates Discord's policies, and there is some risk (very low) to using it.

‣ There has never been a known case of someone getting banned for using BetterDiscord.

‣ BetterDiscord can only be used on the Discord desktop application. It does not work on the Mobile App or Browser.

What is BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is a modded version of Discord that extends the functionality of Discord by providing new features to transform Discord’s appearance and use.

Think of it as an add-on on top of Discord that adds missing features.

By default, Discord doesn’t have many options to customize it. This led to the development and adoption of BetterDiscord.

Even the name suggests that it is an attempt to make a “Better Discord”.

BetterDiscord was launched in 2015 by Zack Rauen, and since then, has enjoyed excellent developer community support.

With BetterDiscord, you can apply custom Discord themes, backgrounds, and plugins that have been contributed by other developers, vote for your favorite ones, and even contribute yourself.

BetterDiscord changes the Discord client, but it cannot change the appearance for all members on a Discord server.

Top BetterDiscord Features

BetterDiscord makes it very easy to apply customizations and therefore is the best option for changing Discord’s look and feel.

With BetterDiscord you can:

  • Apply themes to change Discord’s appearance.
  • Use Plugins to unlock new features and enhance functionalities.
  • Apply custom background images.
  • Use CSS editor to tweak the themes further as per your liking.
  • Enable the use of Twitch Emotes.
  • Access additional developer utilities.
  • Create and Share your themes and plugins with the community.
📋 Note: BetterDiscord is available for Windows, Linux, and even Macs.

BetterDiscord is not officially accepted by Discord, and therefore there is definitely some risk associated with using it.

You will not get banned from Discord for just using BetterDiscord, but if you are Abusing the service or using some questionable plugins, you definitely risk getting banned.

It is best not to share any pictures or videos of you using it. These can be used against you, and your Discord account might get suspended.

📋 Note: BetterDiscord violates the Discord Terms of Service and could lead to your account getting banned. 

The risk is low if you only use BetterDiscord for themes or only use the most popular plugins. 

But still, use BetterDiscord at your own risk.

Is BetterDiscord Safe to Use?

BetterDiscord is safe to use, and millions of users are using it, but you have to follow some basic online safety rules.

The themes and plugins code is manually verified not to contain any malicious code. This helps increase the confidence in the downloads from the BetterDiscord website.

Also, BetterDiscord does not collect any meaningful user data without your consent.

To reduce the risk with using BetterDiscord and keeping yourself safe, always follow these guidelines:

  • Only use the official installer available from the BetterDiscord website or Github repo.
  • It is best to stick with only the themes and plugins from the official BetterDiscord website.
  • Only download popular plugins that many users have upvoted.

How to Install BetterDiscord

It could not be any easier to install BetterDiscord if you already have Discord on your computer and are connected to the Internet.

Follow the steps below, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Step #1: Visit the BetterDiscord website.

Step #2: Click on Download to get the latest version. This will download the latest Windows version to your PC. If you are using another OS, such as Mac or Linux, then head over to the BetterDiscord Github repo and download the files from there.

download betterdiscord

Step #3: Run the downloaded application and follow the prompts. Your Discord client will restart, and a window will be shown indicating that you have installed BetterDiscord, and are ready to use it.

Better discord installed

That’s it! That was the whole installation process.

You have successfully installed BetterDiscord and can jump right into downloading and installing themes. For some inspiration, check out our article on the best Discord themes.

Of course, you can also start customizing by installing the plugins first, and we already have a list of the best Discord plugins to get you started.

How to Customize BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord provides you with options to further customize your experience. These options are:

Settings – This section has the options to control the overall settings and further tweak the setup.

Emotes – Control which emotes are available and how they are used.

Custom CSS – If you feel creative, you can use Custom CSS to change Discord’s appearance.

Plugins – Use this section to add, view, enable/disable, and modify BetterDiscord plugins.

Themes – Similar to the Plugins section, this is where everything related to Discord themes is controlled.

To find these settings:

Step #1: Open User Settings

user settings cog icon

Step #2: Scroll down on the left side menu to find the ‘BetterDiscord’ subsection. Here you’ll find all the customizable options.

BetterDiscord settings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get Banned for Using BetterDiscord?

You can get banned for using BetterDiscord if you are using it for some malicious activity or trying to change certain basic Discord functions.

Discord will not ban you for just using BetterDiscord, but if you further abuse Discord’s policies or use shady plugins, you risk getting banned.

Is BetterDiscord a Virus?

BetterDiscord is not a virus. Instead, it is a community-built add-on that changes the Discord client’s appearance and adds new functions.

Users can create, share and download custom themes and plugins to change Discord as they like.

Can I Trust BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is safe to use. The plugins available on the BetterDiscord site are checked for malicious code, and sticking with the most popular themes and plugins keeps you safe.

BetterDiscord is not officially supported by Discord.

Does BetterDiscord Work on Mobile?

BetterDiscord does not work on the Discord mobile app as it is not compatible.

The only themes available on the Mobile App are the Dark and Light themes that come with standard Discord installation.

Does BetterDiscord Work on Browser?

BetterDiscord does not work on the Browser or Chromebook. It needs the full PC client downloaded on your computer to work.

How to Uninstall BetterDiscord?

The best way to uninstall BetterDiscord is to reinstall Discord again. This will clean up all the BetterDiscord files on your computer, and give you a clean setup.

You can also use the BetterDiscord installer to remove BetterDiscord.

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Final Thoughts on BetterDiscord

As you now know, BetterDiscord can completely change your experience and customize Discord to make it as unique as you are.

BetterDiscord has a lot of adoption among users and developers, so I believe it is not going away anytime soon. There are tons of themes and plugins available, with new ones being introduced regularly.

Until Discord officially releases themes and plugins, BetterDiscord is our way to get some control back.

Yes, there is some risk with using it, but as long as you follow basic safety rules, you won’t have to worry about getting your account banned or suspended.

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