How to Change Your Age on Discord (Step-by-Step Guide)

Change your age on discord

Did you mistakenly provide the wrong date of birth while setting up an account?

Are you unable to access servers and channels that contain age-restricted content because of the incorrect age you provided?

You’ll soon realize that, while you can change your username, email address, password, etc., you cannot update your age on the Discord app.

The only way to change your age is to raise a request with the Discord support team and provide proof of age.

Do not stress! This article will show you how to change your age on Discord in easy steps.

What to Know

‣ There is no user setting to change your age in the app. You'll have to raise a request to get your age updated.

‣ You can bypass the age restriction by creating a new account, but beware that it is against Discord Terms of Service to lie about your age. 

Why Does Discord ask for Your age?

Discord allows servers and channels to contain adult content, but they have to be marked as NSFW (‘Not Safe For Wumpus’ in Discord)

Discord automatically marks servers as NSFW when adult content is detected.

Server owners can also create NSFW channels on Discord to restrict access.

As per Discord Terms of Service, these NSFW servers and channels can only be accessed by users who are at least 18.

18+ users can access NSFW content, but a warning is displayed, but users less than 18 are locked out of these servers and channels.

If you had not provided your age during Discord account setup, you’d have to do so when accessing age-restricted servers or channels.

How to Change Your Age on Discord

As you might have noticed, you cannot change your age on the Discord app. There is no user setting to do so.

To change your age, you’ll have to raise a request with the Discord support team and provide proof of age.

The 2 pieces of information that you have to provide are:

  • A photo ID that has your date of birth – this could be Driver’s license, State ID card, Passport, etc.
  • Your full Discord tag – this is your username along with the 4-digit tag. e.g., ‘Wumpus#9090’

Once you have collected these documents and information, follow the steps below to get your age updated.

Step #1: Take a picture of yourself holding your photo ID and a piece of paper with the full Discord tag.

📋 Note: All the information should be present and readable in a single photo, and your face should be visible as well.

Step #2: You have to submit a request with this picture, so use the Discord request form to start the process.

Step #3: To begin filling the form, select ‘Trust & Safety’ in the ‘What can we help you with’ dropdown box.

This ensures that the request is submitted to the Discord Trust & Safety team.

Step #4: Provide your email address now so that the Discord Trust & Safety team can contact you back.

📋 Note: This must be the email address associated with your Discord account.

Step #5: In the ‘How can we help’ dropdown box select the ‘Appeals, age update and other questions’ option.

Step #6: You’ll now see a new ‘Appeals, age update, or other questions’ dropdown box appear. Select ‘Update my age information’.

Step #7: In the ‘Your Date of Birth’ field, provide your actual date of birth as mentioned on your photo id.

Fill form to change age

Step #8: Add a ‘Subject’ and ‘Description’ to let the support staff know the reason for your request.

You can mention that you are submitting a request to update your age information.

Step #9: In the ‘Attachments’ section, add the picture you had taken of yourself holding a photo ID and your full Discord tag.

Step #10: Review the selections again and click on ‘Submit’ to send the request form.

Submit request to change age

It would take about 1-4 business days for the Discord support staff to update your age.

You’ll receive an email once the change has been made, and you can test by accessing some NSFW server or channel.

A warning message will still be displayed, but if you click on ‘continue’, you’ll be able to access the content.

How to Change Your Age on Discord Without an ID

The only way to change your age on Discord without an ID is to create a brand new account.

You’ll have to use a different email address to create this new Discord account.

Step #1: Go to to begin creating a new account.

Step #2: Provide a different email address and a username.

Step #3: Choose the correct age this time and click on ‘Continue’ to create a new discord account.

Create a new Discord account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Change my Age on Discord Myself?

There is no way to change your age in the Discord app. There is no setting for it.

The only way to change your age is to raise a request with the Discord support team and provide the necessary proof (Photo ID + Full Discord Tag).

What is the Minimum Age Requirement to use Discord?

Discord requires that users must be at least 13 years old to create an account.

There are also minimum age restrictions depending upon where you live. For example, some countries require the users to be at least 14, 15, or even 16 years old.

Users between the ages of 13 and 17 cannot access age-restricted content, as that is only allowed for users over 18.

Does Discord ask Your age When you sign up?

Yes, Discord does ask for your age when you sign up for the service.

If you did not provide the age during the account creation process, you’d have to do so before you can access age-restricted servers and channels.

Discord does not verify the age during the account creation process and accepts the age provided by the account creator.

Can you Fake Your age on Discord?

Yes, you can fake your age on Discord as the service does not verify the date of birth you provide, but you should not do so.

Faking your age is against Discord Terms of Service and can get your account permanently banned if you are caught.

👋 If you are struggling with other Discord issues, take a look at our in-depth Discord guide. 

Changing Your Age on Discord Summary

Many users mistakenly provide the wrong age in a hurry to create an account and later realize they are locked from accessing some content.

If you want to access NSFW servers and channels, you have to get your age updated.

Under 18 Discord users will just have to wait till they turn 18 to access age-restricted servers and channels.

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