How to Change Your Nickname on Discord (Step-by-Step Guide)

Change your nickname on Discord

Are you looking to change your nickname on Discord?

Choosing your username is one of the most basic customizations offered by Discord, but Discord takes it even further by providing you with a nickname option.

Nicknames let you customize your name per server. For example, you can choose a nickname that matches the purpose of the server or how you want to be identified on a particular server.

You can change your nickname or username on Discord, and yes, those are different.

What to Know

 If you want to change your name on a particular server, change your nickname. If you wish to change your name everywhere, change your username.

 Discord will stop you from changing your username if you change it repeatedly within minutes.

 If you are unable to set a nickname, then it is a permission issue that the server owner or admins can only resolve.

 Discord nicknames are not unique, and you can use the same one as another user.

What is the Difference Between Username and Nickname in Discord?

There are two ways to change your identity on Discord – by changing your nickname or username.

Nickname – is a name that you can set per Discord server. If you change your server nickname, your name does not change on other servers. This offers flexibility as you can personalize your name as per the server’s theme.

Username – is a name associated with your Discord profile. Changing the username changes your name across all Discord servers.

How to Change Your Nickname on Discord

There are two ways to change or set your nickname: using the server profile or the ‘/nick’ command.

Changing to a new nickname on Discord is very straightforward, but sometimes the challenge is coming up with new creative names. This is where our article on the best Discord Names can help you get some ideas.

Use Server Profile to Change Nickname

Step #1: Click on the server name in the top left corner to bring up a drop-down menu.

Step #2: Select ‘Edit Server Profile’ from this menu.

Edit Discord Server profile

Step #3: Put your new nickname in the ‘Nickname’ box.

Step #4: Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to save the change.

change Discord nickname

Use Command to Change Nickname

A quick way to set your nickname is to use the ‘/nick’ command, also called a shortcode. 

Unfortunately, the ‘/nick’ command only works on the Discord desktop app or in the browser. It cannot be used on the Mobile App.

Type the ‘/nick’ on the chat message box followed by your desired nickname and press enter.

Discord nick command

You will receive a message from the Clyde bot that your nickname has been changed.

Discord nickname change confirmation

How to Change Your Username on Discord

To change your Discord username across all servers, you need to change it in the user settings.

Step #1: Click on the Gear icon next to your name to go to ‘User Settings’

Discord user settings gear icon

Step #2: Select ‘My Account’ under ‘User Settings’

Step #3: Click on ‘Edit’ next to your username

Edit Discord user profile

Step #4: Provide your new username and current password. When you are ready to save the change, click on ‘Done’.

Change Discord username

Your new username will be set as a default across all servers you are a member of or will join in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Reset Your Discord Nickname?

You can reset your Discord nickname by using the ‘/nick’ command without providing a new nickname. Just execute the ‘/nick’ command on the chat window with no input.

What is a Nickname in Discord?

A nickname is a name you can set per Discord server. You have a nickname for each server you join or use the same one across all servers

Can Discord Friends See Your Server Nicknames?

Your friends can only see your nickname if they are on the same server where you set up the nickname. Therefore, if you change your nickname and don’t share that server with your friends, then your friends won’t see your nickname.

Why Can’t I Change my Discord Nickname?

If the server owner or admins have turned off the nickname option, server members cannot change nicknames. Reach out to the admins to turn on this option for all the server members.

Can you Change Your Nickname on Discord Mobile?

Yes, you can change your nickname on the Discord mobile app. To do this, navigate to the main screen (where you can see all the server channels) > Tap the three vertical dots next to the server name > Tap on Edit Server Profile > provide a new nickname.

The ‘/nick’ command is not available on the Discord Mobile App.

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Changing Your Nickname on Discord Summary

Server nicknames let you customize your name on each server that you’re in. It is a really popular feature.

Nicknames and usernames are just for customizing your identity on Discord but cannot be used to log in. You can only log into Discord using a QR code or your email.

By default, all servers allow their users to choose whatever nickname they desire, but if you are not able to do so, then it is a permissions issue. Talk to the admins and they can turn it on for all.

You can find out more about Discord Nicknames here.

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