How to Change Discord Server Name (Desktop and Mobile App)

Change Discord Server name

A server name typically reflects the theme or the niche of the server. This helps the server attract more members.

If you have misspelled the server name or found a better name, this article will show you how to change Discord server name on the Desktop and Mobile App.

You can rename the server anytime and repeatedly, but choosing a name that still matches your server topic is always recommended.

Avoid changing the name to something that does not match the server topic anymore; otherwise, you risk losing some existing members.

If you have already made up your mind to change it, then our article on the good Discord Server Names will help you come up with something unique and exciting.

The steps to rename a server are different on Desktop and Mobile App, and we’ll cover the steps for both.

What to Know

 Discord server names can be changed anytime, but only the server owner or other privileged members can do it.

 Server names are case-sensitive, meaning that uppercase and lowercase characters in the name appear as you have typed them.

 You can use spaces, special characters ($,&,#, etc.), and emojis in your server name.

 Discord server names are not unique, so to stand out, don't use a name that is already associated with another server.

How to Change Discord Server Name on Desktop

You can change the server name through the server settings page.

Step #1: Click on the server’s name in the top left corner, or the down arrow icon, to bring up the menu.

Step #2: Select the ‘Server Settings’ option to go to the settings page.

Discord Setting menu on desktop

Step #3: Click on ‘Overview’ in the left sidebar to bring up the ‘Server Overview’.

Step #4: In the ‘Server Name’ text box, provide the new name.

Step #5: Once done, click on ‘Save Changes’ to set the new server name.

Set Discord Server name on Desktop

That’s it! It couldn’t be simpler.

In this ‘Server Overview’ section, you can also upload a new image to represent the server and match the new server name you have chosen.

How to Change Discord Server Name on Mobile

While the steps to change the server name on the Mobile App are different, it is still very straightforward to change it.

Step #1: Navigate to the server home (Where you view all the server channels) and select the desired server. Tap on the three dots to go to the server admin page

Step #2: Tap on ‘Settings’ to open the server settings page.

Discord Server settings on mobile

Step #3: Tap on the ‘Overview’ option.

Step #4: Put the new name in the ‘Server Name’ field.

Step #5: Tap on the Save button to set the new name.

Set discord server name on mobile

If you are changing the server’s name to be completely different from the previous name, you can choose to add a new image on this page as well.

Now you can navigate back to the home page and see that the new name is visible to all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you Rename a Discord Server?

A Discord server can be renamed anytime through the Desktop or Mobile App. However, only the server owner or other members with the permissions can do so.

Are Discord Server Names Unique?

Discord Server names are not unique. Therefore, multiple servers can have the same name without any issue.

Before selecting a server name, it is advisable to check if another server is already using it. This will reduce confusion for the members and help your server stand out.

Why Can’t I Change my Discord Server Name?

There are no restrictions in Discord from changing your server name. If you cannot do so, then try restarting the Discord application or changing it from another device.

How to add an Emoji to a Discord Server Name?

To add an emoji to a server name, copy it and paste it as it is in the server name. You can see the emoji in the name right away, but other users might see a bit different emoji-style depending upon the device and system.

👋 We cover more such Discord basics in our guide.

Final Thoughts on Changing Discord Server Name

As you have seen, renaming a server is very simple, and you can do it anytime.

A lot of people confuse Discord server nicknames with server names. ‘Server nickname’ is the chosen name of a user, whereas the ‘server name’ is the name of the server.

Just like the server name, Discord server nicknames can be changed anytime.

If you rename a Discord server to change its topic, then do change the Server icon as well to match the new topic.

If you have a server with existing members, it is best to let them know before you rename the server to avoid confusion.

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