How to Change Font in Discord (Easy Steps)

Change font in discord

While the default Discord font is easy on the eyes, sooner or later, everyone wonders how to change the font in Discord.

This article provides all the details you’ll need to change the Font settings as you desire.

What to Know

 The default Discord font cannot be changed.

 Discord uses the Uni Sans Heavy Font.

How to Change Font Appearance in Discord

If you don’t like the default Discord font, you’ll be disappointed to know that the font style cannot be changed.

But don’t lose heart. There are some font settings that can change how the messages are displayed, and later we’ll go over changing the font style for individual messages.

  • Chat Font Scaling
  • Space between message groups
  • Zoom level

Follow these steps to locate these settings.

Step #1: Locate the User Settings Icon and click on it

discord user settings icon

Step #2: Locate the ‘Appearance’ option in the left menu and scroll down to find the settings

discord appearance settings

Chat Font Scaling

This setting controls the size of the font and is used to increase or decrease it.

This setting changes the size for all messages in channels, private chats, etc., but the font size in Discord status and menus does not change.

By default, the size is set to 16px (the scale is in pixels).

Space Between Message Groups

If you find that the messages are too crowded together or too far apart, this is the setting to change.

This setting changes the space between messages and, by default, is set to 16px (the scale is in pixels).

Zoom Level

This setting changes the entire look of Discord. It is different from the other two settings, as it is applied to the whole of Discord.

By default, it is set to 100 (the scale is in percentages). Increasing this value zooms in the screen, and decreasing it zooms out.

Keyboard shortcuts can be used as well to control the Discord zoom levels.

📋 Note: You can change the zoom level with ctrl +/- and reset to the default zoom with ctrl+0 (zero)
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How to Change Discord Message Font

There is no way to change the font style in Discord, but we can use some other tools to change the style.

We can change the font style using these tools, but we need to do this for each message.

Step #1: Use the Text Generator. We suggest the Fancy Text Generator.

Step#2: Type your text and copy the style you want to use.

Step#3: Paste the text in the chat

Custom message font on discord

If you are looking for more Discord text formatting options (bold, italicize, etc.), you can use Markdown.

You can even change the font style for your Discord nickname and username following the same steps.

How to Change Discord Status Font

Discord does not provide an option to change your status text style. The default font is used for the status text.

But, there are ways to stylize your status by using text formatting tools.

Step #1: Stylize your text using other text formatting tools.

Step #2: Copy the text and paste it into your Discord custom status section.

Custom status font in discord

How to Change Font Appearance in Discord Mobile App

To change the font appearance on the Discord app, you need to access your user settings.

There are more options on the PC or browser to alter the font appearance, but on mobile, one can only change the ‘Chat Font Scaling’ option.

Step #1: Go to the Main screen and tap on your profile in the bottom-right corner.

Step #2: Scroll to find the ‘Appearance’ option and tap on it.

Step #3: Change the ‘Chat Font Scaling’ option.

Change discord font on mobile app

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Font Does Discord Use?

Discord uses the Uni Sans Heavy Font. It is part of the Uni Sans Font Family and is free for use in any application.

This Discord font has proven to offer excellent legibility & compatibility on all levels.

Final Thoughts on How to Change Discord Font

We have minimal options to change the appearance of text and messages in Discord.

This might be because if everyone uses a different font, then the text reading experience suffers. Imagine if every message in the chat looks different.

I have heard that Discord is working on providing more options in the future, but until then, you can use this guide to at least change some aspects of Discord.

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