How to Check Discord Account Age (Account Age Checker)

Check Discord Account Age

Are you curious to find some users or your Discord account creation date?

Bots, such as MEE6 and Dyno, can help the server admins to find any account’s age, but as a regular user, these bots are sometimes not available to you.

Therefore, this article will show you how to check Discord account age without requiring a bot.

Unfortunately, the app provides no in-built feature to find the Discord join date, so we’ll have to use another site to do so.

But don’t worry, this is a legal way of doing it. No hacks.

If you already know how to get the ID of the account, just use the site to find the account creation date.

If you don’t know how to find the Discord account ID, read the article to learn how to get these IDs.

What to Know

‣ To check an account creation date, you must enable Developer Mode and disable Streamer Mode.

‣ Account IDs are not sensitive data, so you can share them with anyone.

‣ This method can also be used to determine if someone is pretending to be a bot.

How to Check Your Discord Account Age

To check the Discord account creation date, you need to get the account ID.

Discord account ID is an 18 digit unique number assigned to every account.

This ID is not the same as the username or the 4-digit tag associated with an account.

We have an article that shows you all the steps for finding Discord IDs, but we’ll go through some of the steps here as well.

We need to first turn on the developer mode to find these IDs.

Step #1: Click on the gear icon next to your name to navigate to the user settings page

User Settings icon

Step #2: Find and click on ‘Advanced’ in the left sidebar. It is under ‘App Settings’.

Step #3: Toggle the switch to enable ‘Developer Mode’.

Enable Discord developer mode

Enabling the developer mode is enough to get Discord IDs, but to use the account age checker, we need to do additional steps to disable the streamer mode.

Step #4: Find and click on ‘Streamer Mode’ in the left sidebar. It is under the ‘App Settings’ header as well.

Step #5: Toggle the switch to turn off ‘Enable Streamer Mode’.

Disable Discord Streamer Mode

Step #6: Click on ‘My Account’, under the ‘User Settings’ header, in the left sidebar to bring up the account settings.

Step #7: Click on the three dots next to your user name and then click on ‘Copy ID’ to get your account ID.

Copy your account ID

Step #8: Go to the site and paste the ID in the text box. Click on ‘Lookup’ to find the details.

Lookup ID

Now you know the date and time when the account was created and can calculate the Discord account age from it.

The site was purposely built as a Discord account age checker and provides additional information about the account as well, such as badges, username, banner color, etc.

You can even find out if it is a bot or not.

If you are using the Mobile App, then the steps to find your account ID are:

  1. Enable the developer mode. You can follow the steps in our article on finding Discord IDs on a mobile device.
  2. Find a chat message you had sent.
  3. Long tap (tap and hold) on your avatar to bring up a menu.
  4. Scroll up in the menu and tap on ‘Copy ID’ to get the account ID.
  5. Use the site to find the account creation date.

How to Check the Age of any Discord Account

The steps to check the age of any other Discord account are very similar to checking the age of your account.

If you have not already enabled the developer mode and turned off the streamer mode, follow steps #1 to #5 mentioned above.

To find the ID of any Discord account:

Step #1: Find a message from the user, or find the user in the member list. Right-click on the username to bring up a menu. Select ‘Copy ID’ from this menu.

Copy ID from the user action menu

Step #3: Go to the site and put the ID in the lookup box. Click on ‘Lookup’ to find the Discord account creation date and other details.

Lookup ID on site

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Discord Delete Inactive Accounts?

Discord does not delete inactive or old accounts automatically. Only the account owner can delete an account.

Does Discord Automatically Remove Inactive Users From Servers?

Discord does not automatically remove inactive users from servers.

Server admins can use the Prune feature (Server Settings > Members > Prune) to remove inactive users.

👋 We cover more such tips and tricks in our extensive guide on Discord.

Final Words on Checking Discord Account Age

Now you know the simple steps to check the Discord account creation date, and using this data you can find out the account age.

This method is perfectly legal as Discord IDs are not secret or sensitive information. IDs are just unique identifiers.

Discord was released in 2015, so you will see some really old accounts out there as well.

What is the oldest Discord account you have seen?

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