Converting ISO to IMG on Mac made boot from DVD work

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The other day I needed to boot a PC from a DVD and I was at the office so I didn’t have access to the original disc. However, I had an ISO image of the original so I figured I could just burn it to a new DVD and boot from it.

So I burned the ISO image to a DVD with Disk Utility but the PC refused to boot from it. It ran other discs fine and even booted from a different one so it wasn’t the drive, that much I could figure out.

Then I was thinking that perhaps something didn’t work right because I burned the ISO image on my Mac with Disk Utility. I found a solution and here’s what I did.

The ISO file was in a folder called “iso” on my desktop. I opened Terminal and changed to that folder:

cd Desktop
cd iso

Then I entered the command for converting the ISO image:
hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o newimage.img originalimage.iso

That only took about a minute or so and the result was “newimage.img.dmg” in the “iso” folder. I don’t think I really needed to but I renamed it so it’s just “newimage.img” and then I burned it with Disk Utility.

The disk then booted up okay in the PC.

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