How to Delete Your Discord Account (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Are you done with Discord and want to permanently delete your account?

While Discord helps connect with friends and build a community, it can sometimes get too much of a distraction.

Worry not! This guide shows you how to delete your discord account quickly and answers all your questions about it.

It also covers the differences between disabling and deleting your account.

Before you delete your account, you have to make sure that you don’t own any servers.

Therefore, either delete the Discord server you own or transfer ownership of the Discord server to another user.

Once you have done that, you are ready to delete your account.

What to Know

‣ If you are an owner of a server, you need to either transfer ownership or delete the servers before you delete your account.

‣ Deleting an account removes it permanently after 14 days. Within 14 days, you can still restore your account.

‣ If you plan to use Discord again, then disable the account. If you plan to stop using Discord forever, delete the account.

What is the Difference Between Disabling and Deleting Your Discord Account?

Discord accounts can be disabled or deleted, and while that sounds similar, there are not the same.

The difference between disabling and deleting your account is:

  • A deleted account cannot be recovered, but a disabled account can be reactivated at any time.
  • All account data is removed when an account is deleted, but no data is removed when an account is disabled.
  • With either option, no notifications are sent, but friend requests, messages, and invites can be sent to a disabled account.
  • Deleted accounts disappear entirely, but disabled accounts can still be seen by other users.
  • There are ways to find out if an account has been deleted, but not if it has just been disabled.

If you want to just take a break and plan to get back to Discord afterward, you should disable your Discord account instead of deleting it.

What Happens When You Delete a Discord Account?

Deleting a Discord account is a permanent action, so it’s good to know what happens when you decide to do so.

  • You cannot access any Discord server.
  • Your chats and messages are not removed from the servers but are marked as sent by a deleted user.
  • You’ll no longer receive any notifications.
  • You can no longer be the owner of any server.
  • You get 14 days to change your mind and recover your account.

How to Delete Your Discord Account on Desktop and Browser

Deleting your Discord account from the desktop (or web) requires simple steps.

Before you begin, do make sure that you are no longer the owner of any Discord servers.

If there are any trustworthy users, then go ahead and transfer ownership to them, else delete the server.

Once you get rid of all your servers, you can begin deleting your account.

Step #1: Click on the gear icon next to your username in the bottom left corner.

Discord user settings

Step #2: Under ‘User Settings’ on the left sidebar, select the ‘My Account’ option.

Step #3: Click on the ‘Delete Account’ button.

If you own some Discord servers, then you’ll get a message indicating that you’ll have to transfer ownership first or delete the server.

My Account settings

Step #4: Provide your password and 6-digit authentication code (only if you have set it up) in the pop-up dialog box and click on ‘Delete Account’.

Delete Discord account

That’s it. Your account has been permanently deleted, and you can no longer use Discord.

How to Delete Your Discord Account on Mobile

Deleting a Discord account from a mobile device is no more difficult than doing it from the desktop.

Before starting, ensure that you do not own any Discord servers anymore.

Step #1: Navigate to the home page (where you can see all the servers on the left) and tap on your avatar in the bottom right corner to get to the ‘User Settings’.

Step #2: Tap on ‘My Account’ to view your account settings.

My Account setting on Discord mobile

Step #3: Scroll up to find the ‘Delete Account’ option and choose it.

You will get a pop-up if you have not yet deleted the servers or transferred ownership.

Step #4: You’ll be prompted to provide your password before you can delete the account.

If you have set up 2-factor authentication, you’ll have to provide the authentication code.

Once you have provided all the details, tap on ‘Delete’.

Delete discord account on mobile

You’ll be immediately logged out of Discord, which confirms that your account has been deleted.

How to Delete Your Discord Account if you Have Lost Access

If you cannot log into your account or have lost access for any other reason, you cannot delete the account from the Discord app.

You’ll need to submit a request explaining your situation and request the Discord staff to delete the account on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Discord Take To Delete an Account?

It takes Discord 14 days to delete an account. You lose access immediately, but the account can still be recovered within 14 days.

Within these 14 days, you can restore your account by logging in to the Discord desktop or browser app.

Can I get Back a Deleted Discord Account?

You can only get back a deleted Discord account within 14 days.

If you log into Discord and see the ‘Account Scheduled For Deletion’ message, then you can still recover your account.

After 14 days, the account is deleted permanently.

Would Others Know if I Delete my Discord Account?

Yes, others would know you have deleted your account as the username changes.

It becomes something like ‘Deleted User#’ followed by zeros or random numbers. e.g. ‘Deleted User#0000’ or ‘Deleted User #1234’.

Your messages remain on the server, showing that they were sent by a deleted user account.

Who can Delete a Discord Account?

A Discord account can be deleted by the account owner or Discord if the account is found in violation of Discord’s Term of Service.

Does Discord Automatically Delete Inactive Accounts?

No, Discord does not automatically delete inactive accounts. Only the account owner or Discord staff can permanently delete an account.

Account deletion is a manual step.

Can a Deleted Discord Account be Reassigned to Someone Else?

The username and tag for a deleted account can be assigned to someone else.

This will only happen after 14 days when deletion becomes permanent, and the original owner cannot recover the account anymore.

👋 We cover more such tips and tricks in our detailed Discord guide.

Final Words on Deleting a Discord Account

Deleting a Discord account is a permanent step, so give it some thought before you do it, especially if you are a server owner.

You can create a new Discord account to connect with old friends and servers anytime, but you won’t be able to retrieve your messages, server memberships, and friend lists.

If you change your mind, check if you are within the 14 days grace period, and maybe you just recover it instead of creating a new one.

Hopefully, this guide did help you to permanently delete your discord account.

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