How to Disable Text To Speech (TTS) in Discord (Step-by-Step)

Disable text to speech tts discord

The Discord text to speech (/tts) command is helpful and fun, but it can sometimes get annoying if users start spamming it. This article will show how to disable text to speech (TTS) in Discord.

Discord has moved TTS settings around recently, and this article has been updated to reflect the latest change.

What to Know

 Text to speech is not available on the Discord mobile app.

 The default Text to speech voice cannot be changed.

What is Discord Text To Speech (TTS)?

Discord TTS shortcode makes the Discord bots read aloud the text written in the chat. It is a fun way to interact with other users and have some laughs.

This feature is used by putting your message after the /tts shortcode.

“/tts” + “message”

How to Disable Text To Speech (TTS) Playback in Discord

Below are the steps if you want to disable TTS messages on your Discord client.

Step #1: Find the gear icon.

Click on the gear icon which is next to your name on the bottom left corner

discord gear icon

Step #2: View Accessibility Settings.

Locate and click on the ‘Accessibility‘ option in the left rail.

Step #3: Set Text-toSpeech Setting.

Scroll down to locate the ‘Allow playback and usage of /tts command’ and toggle it to turn off the text to speech.

discord accessibility settings

You can even preview the voice speed and change it accordingly.

How to Disable Text To Speech for Everyone on a Discord Server (Admin only)

Text to speech can be disabled for everyone (all server members) in a discord server, but the server admin can only do this action as it requires permissions to change Discord server settings.

As a server owner, you can make someone an admin to disable this and other settings if it becomes annoying for other members.

Once disabled, no user would be able to send TTS messages using the /tts command on the chat prompt.

Step #1: Navigate to Server Settings.

Click on your server name on the top left corner to bring up the server menu and click on the ‘Server Settings‘ option.

Discord server settings

Step #2: Find Default Permissions Option.

Click on ‘Roles‘ in the left rail and then click on the ‘Default Permissions‘ option.

discord roles and permissions

Step #3: Select the @everyone role.

Select the @everyone option in the ‘Roles‘ window.

discord everyone role

Step #4: Disable Text-to-Speech Messages

Under the Permissions tab, scroll down to find the ‘Send Text-to-Speech Messages‘ option. You can even search for it from the search box. Toggle this off to disable TTS for everyone on the Discord server.

discord send text to speech messages settings
👋 We cover more such tips and tricks in our Discord guide.

How to Disable Text To Speech Notifications in Discord

Sometimes you just want to turn off text to speech notifications to be able to concentrate on other tasks.

TTS Notifications can be easily be muted by following these steps.

Step #1: Go to User Settings

Right next to your name in the lower-left corner is a gear icon. Click on it to bring up the user settings menu.

Discord user settings

Step #2: Select the Text-to-Speech notifications option

On the left rail locate the ‘Notification‘ option and click on it. Locate the ‘Text-to-Speech notifications‘ settings.

discord text to speech notifications settings

Here you will find three options

  • For all channels: Turns on TTS for all chat messages in all the channels. It is recommended not to select this option to avoid spam.
  • For current selected channel: Only turns off TTS in the channel you are currently in.
  • Never: This option disables TTS across all servers and channels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you Change the Discord TTS Voice?

The Discord standard TTS voice cannot be changed, but there is a difference in voice when using Discord in the browser vs. the Discord PC app.

The Discord app has its own voice for TTS, but if you use Discord from the browser, the voice would be the standard voice available in the browser.

Final Thoughts on Disabling Text To Speech Messages in Discord

While Discord text to speech is a nice feature and can sometimes be helpful, it can get annoying very quickly.

Hopefully, this guide will come in handy when you want to turn off the TTS feature and just concentrate on gaming or other tasks.

If you want to have fun with TTS commands, then do not forget to check out our article on Funny TTS messages, but please don’t spam any Discord server with these.

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