What is Discord @here and @everyone: Their Differences and Usage

Discord @here and @everyone

Are you looking to understand what Discord @here and @everywhere do and their differences?

I also initially struggled to understand the differences, but once I understood them, I decided to write an article to help everyone.

@here and @everyone are also called mentions and pings and are a way to get attention to a message.

Discord @everyone and @here are amazing features when used correctly but can get annoying fast if misused.

Therefore, we’ll also go over the steps to disable them on a channel or the entire server.

What to Know

‣ @here gives a notification to only the currently online server members. Offline and Idle members don't get the notification.

‣ @everyone gives a notification to every single server member, online or offline.

‣ Currently, there is no way to enable or disable them separately. Either both are on, or both are off.

What is Discord @here?

The @here mention notifies all users who are currently online, but users who are offline or idle won’t get the message.

It is often used to get the immediate attention of online members, such as to start a gaming competition, ask a question, or announce a temporary outage.

The message is highlighted on the chat to indicate that it was sent to all online members.

What is Discord @everyone?

The @everyone mention notifies all server members regardless of their status. Therefore, even offline and idle members will also get the message.

It is often used to announce important updates, rule changes, etc., on a Discord server.

Offline members will get the message when they log in the next time.

The message is highlighted to indicate that it was sent to everyone on the server.

What is the Difference Between @here and @everyone on Discord?

The @here and @everyone mentions are very similar but differ on who gets notified.

With @here, only the currently online members get the message. Idle or offline members do not see the message, even after they become active or log in.

With @everyone, all members, regardless of their status or whether they are online or not, get the message.

How to Disable @here and @everyone on a Discord Server

@here and @everyone can be disabled on the entire server or for a specific channel only.

Let’s go over the steps to disable these mentions on the whole server.

📋 Note: Only the server owner or admins can diable these mentions.

Step#1: Click on the server name in the top left corner to bring up the drop-down menu

Step #2: Click on ‘Server Settings’ in this menu

Discord server settings

Step #3: Click on ‘Roles’ in the left sidebar to bring up a list of all the roles on the server.

Step #4: Click on ‘Default Permissions’ to see all the current permissions.

Default Discord permissions

Step #5: Select the ‘@everyone’ role to disable these for all server members.

Step #6: Under the ‘Permissions’ tab, scroll up to find the ‘Mention @everyone, @here and All Roles’ permission and toggle the switch to turn it off.

Step #7: Save the changes you have made by clicking on ‘Save Changes’.

disable here and everyone on Discord server

How to Disable @here and @everyone in a Discord Channel

@here and @everyone pings can be disabled at a channel level as well.

This is helpful if you don’t want it disabled on the whole server but want to stop the abuse in specific channels.

These mentions are not available in the voice channels, so these steps are for the text channels only.

Step #1: Go to the channel name and click on the gear icon to get to the channel settings.

Channel settings

Step #2: Click on the ‘Permissions’ option in the left sidebar

Step #3: Select ‘@everyone’ under the roles/members option.

select everyone permissions

Step #4: Scroll up to find the ‘Mention @everyone, @here, and all Roles’ permission and disable it.

Step #5: Do not forget to click on ‘Save Changes’.

Disable here and everyone on channel

How to Suppress @here and @everyone Mentions

If the server @here and @everyone mentions are getting annoying, you can choose to suppress them as a user by using the notification settings.

By doing this, you’ll only receive a notification when someone uses your server name, but messages with @here and @everyone do not pop up.

Step #1: Locate the server name and right-click on it to bring up a menu. In this menu, select the ‘Notification settings’ option

Server Notification settings

Step #3: Turn on the ‘Suppress @everyone and @here’ option.

Step #4: Click on ‘Done’ to save this change.

Disable server notification settings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you set Discord @everyone and @here Separately?

There is no way to control the @here, and @everyone mentions separately. So either they are both turned on or off.

You can, however, turn it off for specific roles while keeping it on for others. For e.g., admins and moderators can be given permission to use these mentions, but not regular server members.

This is a highly requested feature by server admins, and hopefully, Discord will separate them in future updates.

How do I Notify People in Discord?

To notify certain members on Discord, use the ‘@’ sign followed by their server username. for e.g., to send a message to a user named speeder use ‘@speeder’.

To notify all online members, use ‘@here’, and to notify all server members, online or offline, use ‘@everyone’ with your message.

Can Anyone @everyone on Discord?

If the server permissions allow it, anyone can use the @everyone mention.

It is up to the server admins to allow these mentions or not, and it is controlled in the server settings.

Can you Turn off @everyone on Discord?

@everyone mentions can be turned off in Discord, but only the server owner or admins can do so.

The admins can turn off @everyone on the entire server or for a specific channel.

Why Can’t I use the @here or @everyone on Discord?

If you cannot use the @here and @everyone mention on Discord, the server admins might have disabled them on the server or in the channel you are in.

These can be disabled for specific roles as well, so check your role as well to know if you are allowed to use them or not.

👋 We cover more such tips and tricks in our ultimate guide on Discord.

Discord @here and @everyone Summary

When used correctly, @here and @everyone mentions are very helpful to get important messages across, but they become very annoying when some members misuse them.

Hopefully, now you know how to control these to have orderly interactions on your server.

Fortunately, as a user, you can also choose to ignore these mentions if you want some peace and quiet.

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