170+ Best, Cool, Funny, Cute and Good Discord Names (Usernames)

Good, Funny, and Best Discord Names

If you are looking for some inspiration to come up with a Discord name, then this article is for you.

There are an infinite number of usernames that can be created for Discord, and that often makes choosing one harder.

There are more than 350 million registered Discord users, so finding a unique Discord name is even more challenging.

To make it easier for you, this article lists the 170+ Best, Cool, Funny, Cute and Good Discord names that you can ever find.

I am sure you have never seen these Discord names before, so you can be the first one to use them.

You can read about Discord username basics first, or jump right into the lists.

What to Know

 Discord usernames are case-sensitive.

 Multiple users can have the same username (usernames are not unique).

 The combination of username and tag (random 4-digit number) makes it unique. 

 You can choose to have a different username per server. 

What is a Discord Name

Discord username is a name you select to be identified as a server.

You have two options to choose your username – you can select a username per server or change it for all servers.

You can choose any username because Discord usernames are not unique. That’s right, you can pick a username that is the same as another user.

Now you must wonder if the usernames are not unique; how do I find my friends or other users? Or how can my friends find me?

To address this, Discords add a 4-digit tag to the end of your chosen username. The combination of the username and tag is unique. For e.g., SimplyGreat#1234

To connect with your friends, you’ll have to know their username along with the tag.

How to Change Your Discord Name

Discord usernames can be changed in your user profile to make it the same across all servers, or you can set nicknames per server as well.

To change your discord nickname, you can use the ‘/nick’ command on the chat window.

Using the ‘/nick’ command only changes your nickname on that particular server.

Discord nick command

Best Discord Names (Usernames)

While you can have the same username as another user, you need something unique to set you apart. Take a look at this list of best Discord names.


Cool Discord Names (Usernames)

If you are the cool one, you cannot go wrong with these cool Discord names.


Funny Discord Names (Usernames)

If you want others to get a chuckle looking at your username, then these funny Discord names do the trick.


Good Discord Names (Usernames)

To keep it simple, here’s a list of good Discord names.


Cute Discord Names (Usernames)

If cute is your jam, these cute Discord names are just the thing you were looking for.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Change my Discord Name Later?

You can change your Discord name anytime. In addition, discord names are not unique, so you are not stuck with the username you selected when you first signed up with Discord.

You can change your username for each server or change it in your user profile to make it the same all across.

Are Discord Names Unique?

Discord names are not unique. Instead, Discord adds a random 4-digit number to your username to make it unique. This number is not visible to others, as they only see your username, but you can share it with other users to connect with you.

👋 We have more Discord articles that cover all your questions and provide additional tips.

Wrapping up Discord Names

If you found many usernames that you like, then make a list and use them from time to time. Remember, you can change your Discord Name anytime.

You can even change the Discord font or use emojis with your username.

These are some really unique Discord usernames, so I am hopeful that you have found the one you like, and the search has ended.

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