How to Login to Discord With a QR Code (Step-by-Step Guide)

Login to discord with QR code

If you regularly use new computers to log in to Discord, you might be worried about providing your password to untrusted setups.

Even remembering and typing a complex password becomes tiring.

If this is you, the QR code login feature was made for you. It lets you log into Discord without providing your email and password.

In this article, we’ll cover everything about Discord QR codes and also how to login to Discord with a QR code. It is such a simple and convenient feature.

What to Know

‣ QR codes are a way to authenticate using your mobile phone.

‣ QR code login requires the Discord app on your device.

‣ QR codes are only valid for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, a new one is generated.

What is a Discord QR Code?

Discord QR code is an alternate way to login into Discord.

The discord QR code is displayed on the login page when you use the Discord desktop or browser client and has to be scanned by the Discord mobile app.

A QR code is a barcode containing identifier data that can be read by processing the QR code image.

Discord QR code contains a unique pattern that ties the login attempt to the computer. Once the login is confirmed, Discord servers precisely know which computer had requested the QR code login.

QR Code

Why use the Discord QR Code to Login?

With the QR code login feature, you can get logged in to Discord without having to type or share your login credentials (email and password).

It is incredibly convenient if you don’t trust the computer setup, are logging into a new computer, or have a complex password that is hard to remember and type.

It is a secure way to login as you use your trusted mobile device to confirm the login attempt.

Caution: Never use a QR code generated by someone else to try to login into your account.

This might be an attempt to take over your account. Cancel the request right away.

If you accidentally approved a login, change your password immediately and log out of all devices.

How to Login to Discord With a QR code

You’ll need a mobile device to use the Discord QR code login feature, as the QR code needs to be scanned by the Discord mobile app.

While you can use the regular mobile camera app as well, using the Discord app makes the steps easier.

Discord QR login feature is available for both iPhone (iOS) and Android phones.

Before you being, download and install the Discord mobile app and log in.

Step #1: Open the Discord login page on the PC (desktop app) or browser. The QR code appears on the right-hand side of this login page.

Discord Login screen

Step #2: On the Discord mobile app, go to the home page (where you see all servers listed) and tap on your avatar in the bottom right corner to bring up the ‘User Settings’.

Step #3: Tap on the ‘Scan QR Code’ option in the ‘User Settings’. If prompted, grant the app to use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code.

Discord mobile user settings
Discord Scan QR code option

Step #4: When the scanner opens, bring the QR code being displayed on the login page within the green-edged box. It will scan automatically once the entire QR code is within the box.

Step #5: On the next screen, tap on ‘Yes, log me in’ to confirm your login attempt. This will automatically log you in on the desktop or browser client.

Scan Discord login QR code
Discord confirm log screen
Successful Discord QR code login

📋 Note: If you are unable to scan the QR code within 2 minutes, then refresh or reload the login page again, and a new QR code will be displayed. 

There is no limit to how many QR codes can be displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I Find my QR Code on Discord?

The QR is displayed on the login screen when connecting to Discord through the desktop app or browser. If you cannot see it, try refreshing or reloading the login screen.

You can use the QR code to login into Discord without having to provide your email and password.

Can you Scan a Screenshot QR code?

A screenshot QR code can be scanned as long as it is clearly visible. QR code is just a pattern to represent some data, and so a screenshot of this pattern would work too.

👋 We have more Discord tips for you.

Wrapping up Discord QR Code Login

Now, that was easy. Once you start using the Discord QR code login feature, you’ll never go back to manually typing your account credentials again.

It is such a useful and straightforward feature that not only saves you time but keeps your credentials safe as well.

Just remember: Do not scan QR codes that you did not generate, and reject all sign-in approvals that you did not trigger.

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