Etisalat UAE iPhone Details Revealed, Start Selling Sunday February 22

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It seems to be confirmed, Etisalat is circulating a press release and they’re start selling the iPhone tomorrow, Sunday February 22. We will get back to you with details as they become available but for now we can share with you the price of the phone and the details of the phones:

Basically the price for an 8GB iPhone varies from AED0 (free) to AED2646, with monthly rental ranging from AED199 to AED643, with different amounts of data, voice and SMS included. The price for 16GB iPhone ranges from AED375 to AED3090, with monthly rental ranging from AED199 to AED643.

The Etisalat press release doesn’t say whether it’s an unlocked or locked iPhone but we’ve heard from many sources that it’s unlocked.

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