How to Fix ‘RTC connecting’ Discord Issue (11 Quick Fixes)

Fix discord RTC connecting issue

One of the most frustrating issues a Discord user faces is when they are ready to join a voice chat, but Discord gets stuck on RTC connecting. So you keep waiting, but nothing happens.

The RTC connecting screen does not present many details as to why this might be happening or what you can do to resolve it.

But worry not. This guide will walk you through fixing RTC connecting issue quickly.

While frustrating, the RTC connecting error is not hard to fix. We will cover several fixes you can apply to resolve this issue right away.

What to Know

 RTC Connecting issue is most likely a network-related issue.

 The most common way to fix it is to restart your computer and router/modem.

What Does ‘RTC Connecting’ Mean?

When you see RTC connecting, it means that the Discord client to trying to connect with the server, and it is taking time.

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a popular protocol used for synchronous client-server and client-to-client communications. It is used in many popular peer-to-peer communication applications, including Discord.

Discord uses WebRTC to connect the clients with the Discord servers.

Since WebRTC is used for voice and video connections, if you face the RTC connecting error, it is most likely a network-related problem.

What Causes the Discord RTC Connecting Issue?

Several factors can cause this error, but the most common ones are:

  • Unstable Internet Connection – is the number one cause of RTC connection errors. If your internet connection keeps dropping or is slow, it can result in Discord getting stuck on RTC connecting error. This could be just your Internet connection, or your Internet Service provider (ISP) might be facing some issues.
  • Home Wi-Fi issues – Devices that keep disconnecting from the router will not be able to maintain a connection.
  • Using a VPN – It is known that Discord does not like VPNs that do not support UDP or keep changing your IP address.
  • Firewall or Antivirus Blocking Discord – Your local firewall or Antivirus software might be blocking Discord communication. It could be that the firewall ports are blocked, or your Antivirus thinks that Discord files are harmful, thus preventing all connections.
  • Discord Server Issues – The server could be offline, or you are using the wrong server region.
  • DNS Issues – The DNS server is slow or facing issues, and your client cannot resolve the correct IP addresses.
  • Discord Client Issues– The client version is outdated or hasn’t been refreshed/restarted in a long time.
  • Browser Issues – Sometimes, the browser type or version also causes connection issues.
  • Faulty Network Adapter – If you are not able to connect to the Internet or your home Wi-Fi at all, the problem might be with your network adapter.

We’ll go through steps to check for all these factors to resolve the issue.

How to Fix Discord Stuck on RTC Connecting Error

All the methods mentioned below are tried and tested. Depending upon your particular issue, one or more of these will help resolve the issue.

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you should do is check your internet connection. Since the RTC Connecting error is network-related, it is an unstable internet connection that is causing it most of the time.

You can try opening other websites through your browser or run an internet connection speed test.

If you notice Internet issues, reboot your network by restarting your modem and router. If that also does not resolve your Internet issues, call your ISP to check at their end.

Fix 2: Restart Your PC (Desktop or Laptop)

Most of us have a habit of leaving our computers and applications running day after day without restarting them. This saves time, but it slows down the computer and applications.

Restarting your computer refreshes not only the applications but also clears the temporary memory.

Close Discord and other applications you might have running, and restart your computer. Once your computer has restarted, open Discord and try joining a voice call.

Fix 3: Disable Quality of Service (QoS) High Packet Priority

The Quality of Service setting is used to prioritize certain types of traffic over others. This setting could be another cause for the Discord RTC connecting error.

To disable QoS, follow these steps

Step #1: Open User Settings

Discord user settings cog

Step #2: Open the ‘Voice & Video’ option, under ‘App Settings’, in the left rail

Step #3: Scroll to find the ‘Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority’ option and disable it.

Discord QoS option

Step #4: Restart Discord and try joining a voice call.

Fix 4: Change the Server Region

In the previous versions of Discord you could change the server region for your whole server, but lately, Discord has made a change to enable the server region per channel.

Follow these steps to change the server region for a voice channel:

Step #1: Locate the voice channel and click on the gear icon to change its settings.

Discord voice channel settings

Step #2: Select the ‘Overview’ option in the left menu.

Step #3: Select a different region in the ‘Region Override’ drop-down menu.

Discord region override

Fix 5: Temporarily Disable the Firewall and Antivirus

Firewalls and Antivirus are essential tools to keep your computer safe from threats over the Internet, but these tools interfere with the working of other applications and are known to cause connectivity issues.

I don’t recommend permanently disabling the Firewall and Antivirus, but we can temporarily disable them just to check if they indeed are causing the issue.

If you are using the in-built Microsoft Defender Firewall, then you can search for it and disable it easily. However, if you are using third-party firewalls and antivirus solutions, you’ll have to look into their manuals to disable them.

Fix 6: Clear Browser Cache or Switch Browsers

Some browsers can present problems with the WebRTC protocol. Therefore, if you are using the browser to connect with Discord, switching your browser and trying again is worthwhile.

Before using a different browser, try clearing the browser cache. If you still face issues, then try with another browser.

Chrome is the browser of choice for using the web version of Discord. If you were already using Chrome, then try Firefox or Opera.

Fix 7: Switch your Client

The issue might just be in the type of client you are using. For example, if you are connecting to Discord through the browser, then download the Discord PC client and try again.

If using the Discord PC client, try connecting to the Discord voice call from the browser.

Fix 8: Disable your VPN

VPNs are an excellent option to hide your IP address, and they provide much-needed privacy on the Internet.

However, sometimes the VPN settings interfere with Discord connections and cause lag or connectivity issues.

Try disabling your VPN and then join a Discord voice call. Then, if the RTC connecting issues go away, it was the VPN, and you can disable it only for the duration when you are using Discord.

You can also try another VPN provider if you want to use Discord with a VPN.

Fix 9: Change your DNS Server

Domain Name System (DNS) is used to resolve URLs to IP addresses. You use it all the time, as DNS is the one that converts the website URL you enter in the browser to the IP address.

DNS is used by client applications to locate and reach servers. So, this can definitely be an issue if you are facing the RTC issue.

Changing the DNS is simple, and the following steps show you how to connect with the Google DNS servers.

Step #1: Press the Windows + R key to open the Run dialog box.

Step #2: Type “Control ncpa.cpl” (do not type the quotes) in the box and click ok.

Step #3: Select your network connection and right-click to bring up the context menu. Click on the ‘Properties’ menu option.

Step #4: Double click on the Locate Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv6) option in the list.

Step #5: Most likely, the current configuration is ‘Obtain DNS server addresses automatically’. Change this to ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’.

Step #6: Type the Google DNS values in the boxes. Use for the Preferred DNS server, and for the Alternate DNS server. Click on ‘OK’ to save these changes.

We are not done yet. The DNS server values have changed, but the DNS cache might still have the older values. To remove the older values from the cache, we need to flush them out.

Step #7: Go to the command prompt by typing ‘cmd’ in windows search and then selecting the ‘Run as administrator’ option. If you do not have administrator privileges on your computer, you won’t be able to flush the DNS cache.

Step #8: In the command prompt, type “ipconfig /flushdns” (do not type the quotes) and hit enter. You can also run the “ifconfig /renew” to renew the configuration.

Fix 10: Update the Discord PC Client

It is always a good idea to keep your Discord client updated with the latest versions and patches. So, ensure that you are using the lasted Discord version.

To find the version of your discord client:

Step #1: Click on the User Settings gear icon next to your username.

User setting in discord

Step #2: Scroll all the way down in the left-hand menu to find the Discord version number

Discord version

Compare your version number with the latest version number on the Discord site, and update your client if you are on an older version.

Fix 11: Change the Discord Audio Subsystem Setting

If all else fails, then you try changing the Discord audio subsystem.

By default, Discord is set to use the ‘Standard’ Audio subsystem. For this fix, we’ll change it to ‘legacy’.

The steps to change the audio subsystem:

Step #1: Go to the user settings.

Discord User setting

Step #2: Locate the ‘Voice & Video’ option in the left rail menu.

Step #3: Scroll to find the Audio subsystem option and change it to ‘Legacy’ in the drop-down menu.

Discord Audio Subsystem option

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does RTC mean in Discord?

RTC (Real-time Communication) is short for WebRTC protocol that is used to establish audio and video communication directly between peers.

If you are getting the RTC connecting error, you are most likely facing some network problems.

Why is my Discord App Stuck on RTC Connecting?

The Discord app sometimes gets stuck on ‘RTC Connecting’ when the Discord client cannot connect with the server due to network or other issues.

A quick way to resolves this is to restart your devices.

How Long Should I Wait for the RTC Connecting Issue to Resolve by Itself?

Sometimes the internet connectivity is unstable, causing this issue, but if it doesn’t go away within 2-3 minutes, you need to take steps to fix it.

👋 We have more Discord Troubleshooting articles to addres the most common issues.

Final Words on Fixing the RTC Connection Issue

Most of the time, the issue is due to unstable or slow Internet connectivity. But, I have had success with other mentioned fixes as well.

If the issues happen again after you have fixed them, something else is wrong with your setup, and you’ll need to reach out to your ISP or Discord support.

The Discord support teams sometimes do ask for your ID, so you should know how to find your Discord ID. It is a simple step and handy at such times.

Hopefully, one of the fixes mentioned above worked for you, and now you can continue using voice and video calls.

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