How to Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline, and Color text in Discord

Text formatting in discord

You have come to the right place if you were looking for a complete Discord text formatting guide that covers all formatting styles such as bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and color.

Using just simple text doesn’t make your messages stand out, and new users often struggle to find out how to format text on Discord easily.

Once you go through this guide, you’ll realize that text formatting is not at all that difficult. One just needs to know how to do it.

What to Know

 We need to use Markdown to format text in Discord.

 Test Formatting Markdown is the same in Discord whether you use a PC or the Mobile App.

How to Format Text in Discord

Since Discord doesn’t provide any visible options for text formatting, we’ll use Markdown.

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that provides a simple syntax to format text. It is used on many platforms and also for Discord text formatting.

We will cover some basic formatting, but you can refer to the Discord Markdown Guide if you want to use more complex elements.

There is no option to change the Discord font style, but some settings are available to change the appearance.

You cannot use Markdown to stylize your Discord username or nickname, because Markdown cannot be used with Discord commands.

📋 Note: The Markdown can be used to format the entire message or just a part of it.

How to Bold in Discord

To bold text in Discord, you have to wrap the text with two asterisks on both sides.

**bold text**

To make an asterisk on a keyboard, press Shift + 8

bold text in discord

How to Italicize in Discord

To italicize text in Discord, wrap the text with a single asterisk on both sides

*italicize text*

italic text in discord

How to Strikethrough in Discord

To strikethrough text in discord, you have to wrap the text with two tildes on both sides.

~~strikethrough text~~

strikethrough text in discord

How to Underline in Discord

To underline text in Discord, wrap the text with two underscores on both sides

_ _underscore text_ _

underline text in discord

How to Combine Text Formatting in Discord

The various text formatting options we have covered until now can be combined to make the text stand out even more.

How to Make Bolded and Italicized Words in Discord

To create bold italicized text, wrap your text with three asterisks on both sides.

***bold italicized text***

bold and italic in discord

How to Make Underlined and Bolded Words in Discord

To create bold underlined text, use two underscores and two asterisks to wrap the text.

_ _**bold underlined text**_ _

underline and bold in discord

How to Make Underlined and Italicized Words in Discord

To make bold underlined text combine two underscores and one asterisk

_ _*underlined italicized text*_ _

underline and italic in discord

How to make Underlined, Bolded, and Italicized Words in Discord

To underline, bold, and italicize words, surround the words with two underscore characters and three asterisks.

_ _***underlined, bold, and italicized text***_ _

Under Bold Italics in Discord

How to Write Code Blocks in Discord

To write code blocks in Discord, wrap the text with a backquote. This is for creating single-line code blocks only.

“` single-line code block“`

single like code block in discord

If you want to create multi-line code blocks, wrap the text with three backticks.

This is multi-line
code block
👋 This is an article from our Discord Tips & Tricks Guide.

How to Color Text in Discord

Discord does not provide options to select text colors, but we can create them using multi-line code blocks and keywords.

Discord multi-line code blocks are meant to share code with others and provide syntax coloring for easier readability. We are going to use this functionality to create colored text.

Only a handful of colors are available, and for every color, we need to use a different keyword, and the syntax differs too.

These keywords and syntax can seem confusing and hard to remember. Therefore, I suggest you bookmark this page or copy these codes into a document to copy and paste later.

📋 Note: Colored text is not available for the Discord mobile phone app.

Make Red Text in Discord

To make red text, we need to use the ‘diff’ keyword and a hyphen (-).

- this is red text
red text in discord

Make Dark Green Text in Discord

Text can be made dark green by using the ‘bash’ keyword and putting the text in quotes.

"this is dark green text"
dark green text in discord

Make Light Green Text in Discord

To make light green text, we use the ‘diff’ keyword and the plus sign (+).

+ this is light green text
light green text in discord

Make Orange Text in Discord

To make the text orange use the ‘css’ keyword with the text between square brackets.

[this is orange text]
orange text in discord

Make Blue Text in Discord

To make the text blue use the ‘ini’ keyword with square brackets.

[this is blue text]
blue text in discord

Make Yellow Text in Discord

Text can be made yellow by using the ‘fix’ keyword.

this is yellow text
yellow text in discord

Final Words on Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, Underline, and Color Text in Discord

This article covers the most used Discord text formatting techniques to make your text stand out and easily catch attention.

Many of these Markdowns can be combined to create unique effects, but creating hyperlinks in Discord is still not possible.

Go ahead and play around.

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