How to Get Your Discord Token (Step-by-Step Guide)

Get Discord token

Providing a username and password are the most popular options to log into your account, but it is often good to know the other mechanisms by which you can log in as well. Discord tokens are one such mechanism so let’s find out how to get your discord token (login token).

There are many types of Discord clients (Browser, Desktop App, and Mobile Phone App), and you can access them in different ways. Each client uses some sort of token to remember who you are and log you in quickly the next time.

What to Know

 Never share your discord token with anyone. Anyone who knows your token gets full access to your account. 

 The only way to obtain your user token is by using Discord through the browser.

 You cannot change your token directly.

What is a Discord Token?

A Discord token is a random string made with letters and numbers used to authorize and access Discord servers as a user. This is an alternative to providing a username and password.

Discord tokens are unique to each account, and most of the time, you do not need to know about them as they are used silently in the background.

Whenever your client presents this token to the Discord server, the server exactly knows who you are and gives you access. This is known as Token-based authentication.

There are two types of Discord tokens:

  • User tokens – Also called Login tokens. These are used to access user accounts.
  • Bot tokens – These are used by bots to access Discord APIs.
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How to Get Your Discord Token

You can use any browser to find your discord token, but in this guide, we’ll be going through the steps for the Chrome browser only, as it is the most popular one.

There are many ways to find your discord token from the browser, but we’ll be covering the easiest way to do so.

Step #1: Navigate to the Discord site from the browser and log into your account.

Login to discord

Step #2: Click on the three dots in the top right corner.

Step #3: In the menu, click on ‘More tools’.

Step #4: In the submenu, click on ‘Developer tools’.

Chrome developer tools

Step #5: On the presented screen click on the ‘Application’ Menu option. You can even use F12 as a shortcut to reach this screen.

Step #6: Click on the ‘Local Storage’ option and select the Discord URL.

Chrome Local Storage

Step #7: Click on the Toggle device option.

Step #8: Enter the words ‘token’ in the Filter box to locate the value quickly.

Step #9: Locate the token Key. The value is present right next to it.

Find discord token

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it Safe to Share Your Discord Token?

No, it is not safe to share your Discord token. This is because the token provides full access to the Discord user account, and there is no way to restrict the token access.

Protect your token the same way as you protect your password.

Can Discord Bots Steal Someone’s Token?

No, Discord bots cannot steal someone’s token. This is because discord bots do not have the necessary permissions to access user tokens.

When you connect a bot to your account, you are shown all the permissions and data that the bot will get. You should select these carefully.

What is the Difference Between Discord User Token and Bot Token?

Discord user tokens provide access to user accounts and are another way to log into user accounts without requiring the username and password.

Discord bot tokens are keys to access the Discord APIs and perform actions. These tokens authorize and track the Discord API usage by bots and can be obtained from the Discord Developer Portal.

How to Change Your Discord Token?

Changing your password changes the Discord token as well. Additionally, you can log out and clear your browser’s cache. Then, when you log in again, you’ll get a new token.

Final Words on Finding Your Discord Token

Again, it is worth mentioning that you should never share your Discord token with anyone, no matter the reason. Sharing the token is the same as sharing your username and password with others.

This token makes logging easier, just like the Discord QR code, and we should be keeping both these safe by not sharing them with others.

Discord tokens make it easy to log into your account quickly and reduce the number of times you have to provide a password.

What do you plan to do with your Discord token?

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