How to Get Someone’s IP From Discord (Legal and Easy Ways)

Get someones ip address on discord

If you are trying to help a friend or join their game server, you’ll need to know their IP address. Therefore, we’ll briefly go over how to get someone’s IP from Discord.

IP addresses are considered personal information, and you should have a good reason for trying to figure it out. If you are trying to get someone’s IP for malicious purposes, it can be considered an illegal activity.

We’ll strongly recommend not to get someone’s IP address for causing trouble or invading their privacy. It would be best not to trick users or use malicious links to find IP addresses.

If you have a genuine reason to find someone’s IP from Discord, read on.

What to Know

 You cannot obtain a user's IP address through Discord.

 It is the IP address that gets banned when a user gets banned on Discord.

Can I Get Someone’s IP From Discord?

It is not possible to get someone’s IP from Discord. There is no option or command in Discord that provides the IP address of a user.

Discord has various security configurations to make a secure connection and hide other users’ IPs and personal details.

Discord has made this official through their Twitter channel multiple times.

Discord tweet on IP address

This is not only beneficial for others but for you as well. You would not feel comfortable if others could find your IP address and know your location.

Get IP Using Discord IP Resolver

Discord IP resolver is a tool that can find out someone’s IP address using their Discord user ID.

It is not the most accurate tool, as it sometimes does not provide the correct IP address. This is because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often mask the public IP address of their customers for privacy reasons.

Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to try the Discord IP resolver.

📋 Note: The user has to be online for the Discord IP Resolver to work.

You’ll need to enable the developer mode on the Discord server and get the user’s ID to make this work.

Discord User ID is a unique number associated with every user account. We need to find the Discord User ID before we resolve the IP address.

Let’s go through the steps to find someone’s IP address using the Discord IP resolver.

Step #1: Go to the user settings.

Discord User settings gear

Step #2: Click on the ‘Advanced’ option in the left rail.

Step #3: Enable ‘Developer Mode’.

Discord developer mode

Step #4: Find a message from the user, and right-click to bring up a menu. Click on ‘Copy ID’.

Copy discord user ID

Step #5: Go to the Discord IP resolver website and paste the copied text in the Discord User ID field to get the user’s IP address.

Discord IP resolver

Get IP Address by Asking Your Friend

There are legitimate reasons to share IP addresses, such as to join specific gaming servers.

You can get the IP address by simply asking your friend. They should not have a problem sharing it with you if they trust you.

If your friend needs help to find their IP address, you can ask them to use sites such as whatismyipaddress. By simply opening the site in the browser, they can find their IP address (both IPv6 and IPv4 address) and share it with you.

👋 We cover more such Discord How-tos in our guide.

How to IP Ban Someone in Discord (Admin Only)

All bans in Discord are bans on the IP address. Therefore, when you use the ban command, it is the IP address that gets banned.

Only server admins can ban users. If you are not the admin, you’ll have to request the admins to take this action.

Follow these steps to ban someone.

Step #1: Go to the ‘Server Settings’ from the Server menu

discord server settings

Step #2: Find the user in the ‘Members’ section

Step #3: right-click on the user’s name and click on the ban option.

Ban discord user menu

Step #4: Confirm the ban by clicking on ‘Ban’ in the dialog box.

Ban Discord user

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Discord Safe to Use?

Yes, Discord is very safe to use. Discord has implemented many security features, such as IP Security, Email Verification, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), etc.

To make your experience even more secure, do not share private information, and do not click on links from unknown users.

Can an Attacker Find Your IP Through Discord?

No, attackers cannot find someone’s IP address through Discord. This is because Discord uses many security layers and does not provide any option or command to find someone’s IP address.

How do I Protect my IP Address on Discord?

To protect your IP address on Discord, use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. VPNs can hide your actual IP address and traffic such that it cannot be tracked.

Final Thoughts on Getting Someone’s IP From Discord

Other articles on the internet share ways to get someone’s IP address using methods that can be labeled as illegal or malicious.

But, using the methods above, you are assured that you are not doing anything illegal or breaking the Discord Terms & Conditions.

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