170+ Good Discord Role Ideas and Names

Good Discord Role Ideas and Names

Roles are a way to organize your server and help with categorizing members and permissions.

As a server owner, you can create as many roles as you like and name them as you wish.

This makes it challenging to come up with roles names that are simple, yet attractive.

But don’t worry. This article has you covered with more than 170 good Discord role name ideas.

What to Know

‣ By default, all server members have the @everyone role and standard permissions.

‣ Server owners and admins can create as many roles as needed.

What Does Discord Role Mean and How Does it Work?

Discord roles help you organize server members into groups and then assign permissions to these groups.

Rather than assigning permissions to each user, which will be very time-consuming, server owners create a handful of roles and then just assign members to these roles.

Roles also help build a hierarchical structure on the server to make administration easier, just like a typical company/group.

Roles can provide all permissions to certain members, such as admins, or restrict specific actions for the general members.

Roles can be used for:

  • Allow staff to help with server moderation
  • Define membership levels
  • Show achievements and contributions
  • Assign special status
  • Specific events
  • Bots

At the very minimum, create a role for admins and moderators to help with the day-to-day functions of the server.

How to Come up With Good Discord Role Names

You can choose any role name for your server, but here are some pointers to help you.

Server Niche – just like the server name, the Discord server roles should match the niche or theme of the server.

Permissions Hierarchy – give some thought to the hierarchy of permissions you want on your server. This would help identify the number of roles needed and their names as well.

Self-Assign Roles – are you going to let members assign roles to themselves? If yes, you should create role names that match their interests, favorites, etc.

Special Roles – it is always a good idea to have a separate role for bots and events.

Ask Members – ask your server members to suggest Discord role ideas.

👋 We have other naming guides and collections in our Discord guide.

Good Discord Role Name Ideas for Your Server

Here is the list of some of the best Discord role names out there, and you can even add the suggested emojis to your role names to make them stand out.


🤖Administrators (Admins)
🤖Moderators (Mods)
🤖Night Staff
🤖Day Staff

Military Role Ideas

🎖️Field Marshal
🎖️Admiral of the Fleet
🎖️Green Beret
🎖️Drones/Guns/Canons (bots)

Office/Company Role Ideas

💼Fax Machine (Bots)

Medieval Role Ideas

🗡️Count / Countess
🗡️Armory/Dragons (bots)

Chess Role Ideas


Fantasy Role Ideas


Pirate Role Ideas

🏴‍☠️First Mate
🏴‍☠️Second Mate
🏴‍☠️Third Mate
🏴‍☠️Boatswain (often named “Bo’sun”)
🏴‍☠️Cabin Boy
🏴‍☠️Powder Monkey

Space Mission Role Ideas

🚀Mission Specialist
🚀Flight Engineer
🚀Mission Engineer
🚀Spaceflight Participants

Government Role Ideas

🏛️Prime Minister

Viking Role Ideas


Police Role Ideas

👮Chief Deputy

Game of Thrones Role Ideas

🐲King of First Men
🐲Protectors of the Realm
🐲Night’s Watch
🐲Grand Maester
🐲Hand of the King
🐲Lord Commander

Membership Role Ideas


Wrapping up Good Discord Role Ideas

Hopefully, you have found some good Discord role ideas or role names to build a permissions hierarchy on your server.

You can just copy these names or give your spin to them.

Once you have created the roles, you just need to assign members to these roles.

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