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Half Life 2 is a game that was released in 2004 only for Windows PCs. It was a huge hit and has a great following of fans still today, but it’s still not available for Mac. Now that Macs all run Intel processors you can actually run Half Life 2 on your Mac and it’s still a very entertaining game. No, it’s not an official release, so I’m not going to tell you where to find it, but it’s not very hard to find, if you know what I mean – nudge, nudge.

For the Windows version there are plenty of sites with information about how to cheat in Half Life 2. I don’t encourage you to cheat but it could happen that you find yourself in a situation in the game where you just can’t get out of it and where a cheat would help. And the basic technique for cheating is the same on Mac as it is with Windows, but with some differences, so I thought I’d tell you how.

First you’d right-click on the Half Life 2 icon and select Show Package Contents.

Then you’re going to find the Contents > Resources > transgaming > c_drive > Program Files > root > HL2 > cfg folder. In there you will see a config.cfg file. Open that file with a text editor, in my case I use BBEdit.

Look for a line which starts with con_enable and change the “0″ to “1″. Also add a new line, sv_cheats “1″. I put my two lines at the end so you can see better what it looks like but you don’t have to. Once that’s done, save the file and start the game.

Once in the game, press the tilde “~” key on the keyboard and here you enter commands for what you want to do. Here’s a complete list:

god – God mode (server side only)
give <item or weapon name> – Gives a weapon or an item (see the list below)
buddha – Reduces your health
hurtme # – Hurts the player (# is damage amount)
impulse 101 – All weapons
impulse 82 – Spawns a jeep
notarget – Player becomes hidden to NPCs
noclip – Walk through walls (server side only)
maps – Displays map list
map <map name> – Load a specified map (see the list below)
developer # – Sets developer mode to on/off/verbose (0-off, 1-on, 2-verbose)
+mlook – Enables mouse look
hud_quickhelp/text? 1 – Shows crosshair
viewmodel_fov # – Sets the size of the weapon you’re carrying (54 is default)
exec <filename> – Execute a script file
cl_drawhud 1 – Turns hud display on
cl_enablehud 1 – Turns hud display on
cl_showfps 1 – Shows frames per second in game
npc_create – Creates an NPC (works in worlds that have an NPC entity)
npc_create_aimed – Creates an NPC aiming away from the player.
picker – Toggles ‘picker’ mode.
setpos – Move player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats 1 enabled).
setang – Snap player eyes to specified pitch yaw (musthave sv_cheats).
sv_gravity # – Set gravity to #
sv_stopspeed # – Set minimum stopping speed when on ground to #
sv_friction # – Sets world friction to #
sv_bounce # – Sets bounce multiplier for physically simulated objects collision
sv_maxvelocity # – Sets the maximum velocity of any moving object to #
sv_waterdist # – Sets vertical view fixup when eyes are near water plane to #
air_density # – Changes the density of air to #
dsp_explosion_effect_duration # – Sets length of confusion/ear-ringing effect to #
prop_debug – Toggle bounding-boxes debug mode on/off (red – ignore damage, white – respond to damage, green – health)
sv_soundemitter_filecheck – Toggle reporting missing .wav files for sounds
mat_numtextureunits # – Limits the number of texture units to # (0 – let the game decide how many texture units to use)
mat_yuv 0 – ?

It might be that you don’t see very clearly what’s going on because the graphics are a bit messed up, at least that’s the case for me. But try typing in the codes anyway, it works fine here.

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