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Ahmad Zahran is the founder of Infinitec, a startup company in Dubai. Together with his business partner David McKern, Ahmad will tomorrow March 1, 2010, officially unveil their IUM (Infinite USB Memory Device). Today we’re continuing our series of talks with Ahmad about the future of Infinitec and IUM.

What comes after the March 1 unveil? “That’s a good question,” says Ahmad. “We have to finalize all the technology and the manufacturing, which will take the next three to four months.” Infinitec plans to have IUM’s available for purchase on July 1 so they have the time to finalize design, sign up distributors and resellers, and many more things that need to be tied up.

One thing they’ll have to battle with according to Ahmad is manufacturing. “There’s a big problem with lead times in the industry with components. With the recession many factories closed because they were too expensive to keep running. So lead times build up and some of the components in the IUM take 26 weeks from when you order them.” That’s six months! Imagine how much technology can change in six months.

Even though the unveiling of their first product happens tomorrow, Ahmad says Infinitec is already working on future products and talking to various companies about working together on specific implementations of the IUM. “This is something we’re very serious about and we see so many places that the IUM can be used,” says Ahmad.

That brings us to the close of this series of articles. Tomorrow, March 1, 2010, everything will be unveiled and we’ll also have a podcast show read then with Ahmad explaining it all.

We hope that you will considering joining Infinitec and Shufflegazine on March 1, 2010, to celebrate the unveiling of the IUM.

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