Is Apple turning evil?

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That’s what Tom Gara asks in The National today – is Apple turning evil? He begins “As Apple launched its new iPad to great global fanfare, some of the company’s long-term fans made a less rapturous realisation. What if Apple were turning evil?”

Tom says that “the Apple we see today is withering” and is turning into a sort of Microsoft-like evil empire because of two iPad aspects: the small SIM card and that there still is no Flash support on iPad (iPhone OS 3.2).

His assertion is that because Apple put the small type of SIM card (micro SIM) they give mobile operators across the world free reigns to tie iPad services to the new format. Since these smaller SIM cards are today not readily available from operators, like our own du and Etisalat in UAE, they can be more restrictive with offers, plans, etc. The current solution, the regular-sized SIM card, has absolutely no problems with it and there’s no reason for Apple to require the small SIM card, other than to please operators.

On the issue of Flash, Tom says about that Apple’s decision about not allowing Flash on the iPad, is all about protecting Apple’s revenue model. There’s some 10 years of Flash content on the web that Apple, by continuing to insist on not supporting Flash, Tom says. The arguments that Flash may be crashing Safari and that it’s too resource intensive could all be removed if there was an option to turn Flash on and off in iPhone OS, he claims.

He presents some great food for thought about some aspects of Apple’s current practices. You should also listen to the podcast out later today when he’s talking about this with Narain Jashanmal and Paul Castle.

So what do you think, are these signs that Apple is turning, or has already turned, evil?

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