How to Leave a Discord Server (In 3 Easy Steps)

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Discord is a great way to find your community and connect with like-minded people who share your interests.

Discord started as a community-building tool for gamers, but now you can find servers on all possible topics, with new servers being created daily.

If some servers do not meet your expectations anymore or your interests have changed, this guide will show you how to leave a Discord server easily.

Leaving a Discord server is very simple from desktop and mobile apps. It takes only three steps.

What to Know

‣ If you are the server owner, you cannot just leave it. You'll have to transfer ownership before you leave the server.

‣ You can rejoin a server anytime after leaving it.

‣ Your chat messages are not removed when you leave a Discord server.

What Happens When I Leave a Discord Server?

If you don’t want to be on a server anymore, it is helpful to know what really happens when you leave the server.

  • Your name is removed from the member’s list.
  • You are removed from any role you previously held.
  • You cannot send or receive any notifications or messages from that server.
  • Your messages are not deleted, and other members can still view them.
  • No notifications are sent to other members that you have left.

How to Leave a Discord Server on Desktop or Browser

Leaving a Discord server from the Desktop (Mac or PC) or Browser only takes a few clicks.

Step #1: Navigate to the server you want to leave and click on the server name in the top left corner

Step #2: Click on ‘Leave Server’ in the drop-down menu. Alternatively, this menu can be brought up by right-clicking on the server name in the server list.

Discord desktop leave server option

Step #3: Confirm the action by clicking on the ‘Leave Server’ button in the dialog box.

Discord leave server button

That’s it! You’ll notice that you can no longer see the server name in the server list in the left sidebar.

How to Leave a Discord Server on Mobile App

Leaving a Discord server from the mobile app is no more complicated than the desktop app.

The steps the essentially the same for iPhone (iOS) and Android devices, and the screenshots below are from an Andriod phone.

Step #1: Navigate to the server page (where you see all the channels) and tap on the three dots.

Step #2: In the menu, scroll up to find and tap the ‘Leave Server’ option.

Step #3: In the Dialog box, tap on ‘Leave Server’.

Leave discord server on mobile

If you are using both the desktop and mobile app, you’ll notice that as soon as you leave a server on mobile, it disappears on the desktop app as well.

How to Leave a Channel in a Discord Server

You cannot leave a channel on Discord. One can join and leave Discord servers, but channels cannot be joined or left.

As a server member, you’ll see all the public text and voice channels. You don’t have to join any channel to view its messages.

If the channel notifications bother you, you can mute the channel by right-clicking on the channel name and selecting the ‘Mute Channel’ option. After that, go to the server menu and select ‘Hide Muted Channels’ to not see the channel anymore.

Alternatively, you can even request the admins or the moderators to remove your permissions for that channel. If the permissions are removed, you’ll no longer see the channel name or receive notifications from it.

How to Leave a Discord Server That you Created

To leave a Discord server that you had created or own, you’ll have to transfer the ownership of it.

You can make someone an admin on the Discord server, but even these privileged permissions do not give full control of the server.

If you have made up your mind to leave the server and have someone in mind to take over, we have just the article to show you how to transfer Discord server ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you Rejoin a Discord Server After Leaving it?

You can rejoin a server anytime after leaving it by using the invite link or browsing to find the server.

Just be careful not to leave and rejoin multiple times within a short time duration. Some admins might consider this bot or spam action, and ban you forever.

Are Other Members Notified When I Leave a Discord Server?

Other members are not notified when you leave the server. This is the default Discord behavior.

Some servers can have bots that notify the admins when someone joins or leaves the server.

Are my Messages Deleted When I Leave a Discord Server?

Your messages are not deleted when you leave a server. Even after leaving a Discord server, your messages will still be present, and other members can view them.

How to Delete all my Messages Before I Leave a Discord Server?

There is no way to bulk delete all your messages as a user. However, you can request the admins or moderators to do it on your behalf.

Admins can use bots (MEE6) to bulk delete messages for a user or even delete all channel messages.

How can I Leave a Discord Server Without Anyone Knowing?

No notifications are sent when you leave a Discord server, but if you were an active server member, others would definitely notice your departure.

There are a few things you can do to make it less noticeable, such as
slowly stop engaging on the server (lay low for some time with only occasional messages) and change your avatar or nickname.

👋 If you are looking for simillar articles, check out our guide on Discord.

Finals Words on Leaving a Discord Server

Not all servers are the same, and some servers lose their appeal as time passes and the community is not engaging anymore.

If you are on such a Discord server and wish to leave it, now you know how to leave a Discord server.

There is no clean ‘exit’ from a server, as your messages will still be present, and if other server members had added you to their friend’s list, they could still message you.

Rather than making a hasty decision to leave a Discord server, stay off it for some days. If you still don’t miss the server, then go ahead and say your goodbyes or leave silently into the night.

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