How to Lock a Discord Channel (Easy Steps for PC and Phone)

Lock Discord Channel

While most admins keep the majority of the channels open to all, we will go over how to lock a discord channel if the need arises.

A typical server has many channels, and each channel is dedicated to a particular topic. It is the Discord way of keeping the topics threads separate and organized.

By default, when a channel is created, it is open to all members. This is a good default to begin with, but it can soon turn into chaos if not managed well.

Locking a channel also helps create smaller community channels that are invite-only for specific interactions.

What to Know

 Admin or moderator level permissions are needed to lock a Discord channel.

 To lock a channel for only certain users: Create a role > change channel permissions for this role > add users to this role.

 Private and Read-only channels are not the same. 

Can You Lock a Discord Channel?

Yes, you can lock a discord channel. Both voice and text channels can be locked, but one needs the correct permissions to do so.

Locking a text channel prevents the members from sending messages in that channel, and locking a voice channel prevents the members from sending voice communications.

What Does Locking a Discord Channel Mean?

Locking a Discord channel means that members are restricted from performing certain actions in the channel. These actions are defined by the channel permissions and the associated roles.

There are two different ways to lock a channel in Discord:

  • Read-only Channel: This is a good option for channels meant to share information, rules, etc., and do not require member contributions.
    • The channel name is visible to all members.
    • Members can view the messages.
    • Members cannot send messages.
  • Private Channel: This is a good option for admin and moderator channels.
    • Channel name is only visible to selected members.
    • Selected members can view and send messages.
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How to Lock a Discord Channel on PC (Read-Only)

The steps to lock a discord channel are the same regardless of the channel type (text or voice channel).

Step #1: Go to the server whose channel you want to lock to view the list of channels

Step #2: Click on the gear icon next to the channel name to open the channel settings

Channel Settings

Step #3: Open the ‘Permissions’ tab that is in the left side menu

Step #4: In the ‘Advanced Permissions’ select the ‘@everyone’ role to apply the permissions to all members of the server

Channel Permissions for everyone

Step #5: In the ‘General Channel Permissions’ section, only enable the ‘View Channel’ by selecting the checkmark. Select the cross for the rest of the settings.

View Channel button on PC

Step #6: Select the cross for all the other setting options, except the ‘Read Message History’ option, if you want members to read all the previous messages in the channel.

Step #7: Click on ‘Save Changes’

lock channel in discord pc

How to Lock a Discord Channel on Mobile Phone App (Read-Only)

All options to control the permissions on the PC client are also available on the mobile phone app, but the steps are different.

Step #1: Navigate to the server screen where you see all the servers on the left-hand side and tap on the server icon in which you intend to lock a channel

Step #2: Tap on the three dots next to the server name.

Step #3: Tap the ‘Settings’ option to go to the server settings.

Step #4: Tap on the ‘Channels’ option.

Channel settings on discord mobile app

Step #5: In the list select the channel you want to lock.

Step #6: Tap on the ‘Permissions’ option under ‘User Management’ section.

Step #7: Tap in ‘Add a Role’

Change permissions on discord mobile app

Step #8: Tap on ‘@everyone’ to apply the permissions to all members of the server.

Step #9: Select the checkmark on the ‘View Channel’ option, and select the cross for the rest of the settings.

Step #10: Tap on the Save button.

lock channel in discord mobile app

How to Make a Private Discord channel

A private channel is a great way to have conversations with selected members without all members being able to see it.

A channel can be made private when it is created or at any other time as well by following the steps mentioned below.

Step #1: Go to the server in which you want to make a private channel

Step #2: Click on the gear icon next to the channel name to view the channel settings

Find channel settings

Step #3: Click on the ‘Permissions’ tab.

Step #4: Toggle the ‘Private Channel’ option to make the channel private. Select the members and roles that can access this channel. For all the other server members, this channel won’t be visible.

Private channel option

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Lock a Discord Server?

There is no option to lock a Discord server. However, you can remove all the users or remove all the permissions for @everyone to achieve the same result effectively.

What is the Difference Between Read-Only and Private Channels?

All server members can view the messages in a read-only channel, but only the selected members can participate in a private channel.

Read-only channels are a good option for sharing information and rules, and private channels are used to have hidden conversations.

Final Thoughts on Locking a Discord Channel

Channel management can become challenging on servers with multiple channels. Therefore, server owners can make somebody admin or moderator to handle these tasks.

It helps to understand the difference between a read-only and private channel, as it changes how members interact within that channel.

There are more options available to tweak the permissions even further, and you can find them under the ‘General Channel Permissions’ section.

I hope you found this article helpful and can now easily lock a discord channel.

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