Macworld 2009: Andy Ihnatko Tweetup

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We finished the evening with a Tweetup meeting in our hotel, organized by Andy Ihnatko. We had no clue who was showing up but when he arrived it was easy to find Andy at least.

It was a diverse crowd where it was clear that most of them had met before and knew each other. That’s a tough crowd to get in to, but they were all nice, welcoming, and we had a good time.

We handed out some Shufflegazines to the Tweetup-ers and it wasn’t exactly an environment for constructive criticism, but perhaps we’ll hear something back from some of them later. I heard a comment about “is this Arabic?” and another one “this is really nice”. That’s cool.

It’s funny but it’s just starting to dawn on me that we have the chance to meet many of the people that we read about on a regular basis. Perhaps we follow their blogs, what they write in magazines, or perhaps we listen to or watch their podcasts. Basically Macworld is the annual gathering of the who’s who in the Apple world. And this year we add Shufflegazine to that list.

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