Discord Hyperlinks: How to Make Links with Bot Embeds (2022 Guide)

Make discord hyperlinks with embeds

You have come to the right place if you are looking for details about Discord hyperlinks and how to create them.

Rather than sharing the long messy links, everyone wants the capability to share hyperlinks embedded within clickable link text.

This clickable link text makes the links easier to share and also makes the forum content more aesthetic.

Creating these text links in Discord is different from other tools and software. I have tried multiple ways to make it work and decided to write this article to share my research and how to achieve it.

What to Know

 Discord users cannot customize hyperlink text. Users can only share the full link.

 Bots can use embeds to create hyperlink text.

A hyperlink is a piece of text that, upon clicking, performs the configured command. Hyperlinks are most commonly used to take users to another page or location on the web.

In Discord, hyperlinks are used for various purposes, including sharing Discord server addresses and web content.

Regular users cannot create a hyperlink in Discord and only share the full link text. This is one of the most requested features for Discord, but for now, it is still not available to users.

Currently, only bots can create a hyperlink in Discord by using embeds.

Embeds are special messages sent by bots. Hyperlinks can be added in embeds, and you can also edit some more properties, such as embed color, text link formatting, etc.

Discord will also show a warning message when you try to open a link. This is done for security purposes to prevent users from clicking on malicious or suspicious links.

As of now, only bots can create text with hyperlinks in Discord, but even bots cannot create a hyperlink in the field titles.

While you can do some text formatting, such as bold and italic text in Discord, creating hyperlinks in field titles is just not possible at this time, no matter which trick you try.

Bots can create a hyperlink in embeds in essentially two ways, and we’ll cover them both below.

Using Brackets

Hyperlinks can be created in embeds by using this format – [link text] (URL here).

"Track cases globally, or in a country, by supplying 2-letter [country codes](https://countrycode.org/)."

The result of this is will look like

Discord hyperlink view

Using the addField Function

Another way to add hyperlinks in the embeds generated by bots is by using the .addField() method.

yourEmbed.addField("Title here, no hyperlinks allowed", "Main text here, so you can put a hyperlink here [like so.](https://example.com)");

It is worth mentioning that this method of adding hyperlinks only works for HTTP and HTTPS endpoints. For other types of links, you can use MessageEmbed() method.

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Creating a text hyperlink in Discord is only reserved for bots. Of course, all bots can do this, but in this article, I will show you how to make these text hyperlinks using one of the most popular Discord bots called Carl-bot.

Step #1: Log in to Carl-bot site.

Go to the Carl-bot site and log in with your Discord account.

Discord Carl bot login

Step #2: Authorize Carl-bot

The next screen would request you to authorize Carl-Bot to access some details about your discord account. Click on ‘Authorize’ to continue.

Authorize Discord Carl bot

Step #3: Select Server

Select the server on which you want to use the bot

Select Discord server

Step #4: Setup Permissions

The next screen will ask your permission to put the bot on the selected server. Click on ‘Continue’ and choose the permissions you want to grant the bot.

Step #5: Optionally Configure features

To configure features of this bot, you can click ‘Get Started’ or skip to go to the dashboard.

Step #6: Open Embeds Builder

On the left-hand menu of the dashboard, scroll to find ‘Embeds’ (under Utility) and click on it. This will open the Embeds builder (also called the Embeds creator box)

Discord embeds settings

Step #7: Write the Text and URL

In the description box, write the text and the hyperlink using the format [link text](URL)

Discord embeds text and hyperlink

Step #8: Preview the Text

You can check out how the string will look in the Preview box on the right-hand side.

Discord embeds preview

Step #9: Select Channel and Post

Select the channel in the ‘Destination’ box and click on ‘Post’ to send the embed message.

Post embeds in Discord

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Shorten a Discord Hyperlink?

You can use a URL shortening service to shorten various types of hyperlinks. This could be Discord server links or links posted in chat.

Shortening URLs makes them easier to share, and I would recommend the TinyURL service for this.

Can you Hide Links in Discord?

Yes, you can hide links and text in Discord by using the spoiler options. There are two ways to use the spoiler option.

1. Wrap the text or hyperlink with ‘|’ by putting it twice before and after the text. e.g. || This is the hidden text. ||. 

2. The spoiler option can also be used by typing /spoiler and then adding the message that has to be hidden.

The spoiler option only hides the text or hyperlink only until someone clicks on it. 

We have gone over two easy methods to add hyperlinks in Discord, but these are only available in embeds used by bots. As regular users, we can only share the full link text.

This is one of the most requested Discord features for regular users, along with the ability to change the Discord font, but unfortunately, both these features are not available yet.

You will have to log in with your discord account, but this is a useful feature to upvote.

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