How to Make a Rules Channel in Discord (2022 Guide)

Make discord rules channel

Are you looking to add rules to your Discord server that the members must agree to before joining the server?

If you answered yes to that, you need to enable the Discord Community feature and set up the membership screening option on your server.

This article will show you how to make a rules channel in Discord, which the server members will have to read and agree with.

The good news is that a rules channel can be created without using bots, scripts, or plugins.

What to Know

‣ Rules channel is just a read-only channel, but the membership screening option enforces that users accept the rules before becoming members.

‣ Community feature can only be used on your server if you have a verified email and the server meets the explicit media content filter requirement.

‣ Membership Screening cannot be managed from the Discord mobile app.

Why Create A Rules Channel in Discord?

Rules are the difference between a well-managed server vs. chaos.

Rules help you define the tone of the server and create a welcoming community of like-minded people who can interact without discrimination, fear, harassment, etc.

Rules are the guidelines on how members should treat each other and resolve the occasional disagreement.

How to Make a Rules Channel in Discord

To create a Rules channel, you need to enable the community feature first.

The community feature adds many more administrative functions to your server, such as a welcome screen, membership insights, etc.

Out of these additional features, membership screening is the option that lets us create rules that users have to agree to before joining the server and becoming members.

If the users do not accept the rules, they can only browse the public channels and read the messages. They will not be able to interact with other users or send messages in any of the channels.

Let’s get started.

Step #1: Open Discord and click on the server name in the top left corner to bring up a menu

Step #2: Click on the ‘Server Settings’ option.

Discord server settings

Step #3: Locate the Community section in the left sidebar and click on ‘Enable Community’

Step #4: Click on ‘Get Started’

Get stated on creating a discord community

Step #5: You’ll be presented with the ‘Verified email Required’ and ‘Scan media content from all members’ options. Both have to be checked to move forward.

If you already have a verified email, you can continue; otherwise, you’ll have to get your email verified.

Verify email for Discord community

Step #6: The next page is to set up the basics. Suppose you already have rules and a community update channel. In that case, you can select those; otherwise, choose ‘Create one for me’ for the application to create it for you

set up the basics for Discord community

Step #7: Check all the checkboxes on the ‘One last step’ page. You can read more about these suggestions by clicking the icon next to them. Finally, click ‘Finish Setup’ to enable the community feature.

Finish Discord community setup

You’ll now see many features available under the ‘Community’ section on the left sidebar. This would have also created a ‘rules’, ‘Events’, and a ‘moderator-only’ channel.

We have enabled the community feature, but now we need to set up membership screening to add the rules.

📋 Note: The rules added as part of the membership screening process are not automatically added to the 'rules' channel.

Step #8: Click on the ‘Membership Screening’ option in the left sidebar, under ‘Community’, to bring up the setup page.

Step #9: Click on ‘Set up Membership Screening’ to start.

Set up Discord membership screening

Step #10: Click on ‘Get Started’ to begin adding rules.

Get started on Discord membership screening

Step #11: In the pop-up dialog box, add your rules. You can click on ‘Add a rule’ to add as many rules as you want.

Step #12: Click on ‘Save’ to save the added rules once done.

Add rules to Discord Membership screening

Step #13: The rules are saved but not enabled. Click on ‘Enable’ to finish setting up the rules.

Enable Discord Membership Screening

That’s it. You have enabled rules that users will have to agree upon before joining your server.

Creating a set of rules is easy, but enforcing them is quite an effort. To help with enforcement, you can add admins and moderators to your Discord server to help you monitor member activities on channels.

What are Some Discord Rules?

You can come up with any rules you want but keep your server theme in mind.

Servers with rules that do not match the server theme or niche will reduce community interaction and risk losing members.

Some general good rules can be:

  • No discriminatory language or hate speech.
  • Be respectful to all and welcome new members.
  • No NSFW or explicit content
  • Do not impersonate public figures or staff members.
  • Be civil at all times and follow the admins’ instructions immediately.

The list can go on and on, but to make it easier, we have just the article for you to copy and paste the best Discord server rules and get started quickly.

👋 We cover more such tips and tricks in our Discord how-to guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do You get the Rules Icon in Discord?

The book icon on a rules channel is automatically added when enabling the community feature.

Currently, there is no way to add custom icons to Discord channels or add a different icon to the ‘rules’ channel.

How to Disable Discord Rules?

To disable Discord rules, you’ll have to disable membership screening. To disable it go to Server Settings > Membership Screening > Disable.

Once disabled new users do not have to agree to any rules before joining the server. You can enable it again anytime if you change your mind.

Making a Discord Rules Channel Summary

Now you know all the steps to create a rules channel in Discord.

Membership screening is a good feature to ensure that users at least read and agree to the most important rules of your server before becoming a member.

It is a good idea to repeat the rules in the membership screening process again in the ‘rules’ channel so that it is available for all members to see in the future.

Rules help you manage your server. With so many servers available today, only the most well-managed servers will attract new users.

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