How to Make Someone Admin or Moderator on Discord (2022 Guide)

Make someone admin or moderator on discord

If you are wondering how to make someone admin or moderator on discord, then this is the guide for you.

As your server grows in popularity and is constantly getting new members, the day-to-day tasks of managing the server and community become very time-consuming.

To help with this, you can assign specific permissions to other members to make them administrators or moderators do some of these tasks.

Admins and mods help you run your server smoothly and ensure that server rules are being followed.

There are some Discord servers with more than 10,000 members, and therefore letting other members take over some management becomes even more critical.

What to Know

 To make someone admin on a Discord server: Create a new role > add permissions to this role > assign the role to members.

 Moderation and role assignment can be done automatically as well with bots.

 Never give someone complete admin control on your server. Instead, save some permissions for yourself only.

What are Discord Roles and Permissions?

Roles and permissions define everything a server member can or cannot do.

Permissions are allowed actions, and roles are a way to bundle specific permissions together to apply them quickly.

When you want to delegate some power to other users, it is best to create a new role and add permissions. This new role can then be assigned to the chosen members.

Some of the most frequently used permissions are:

  • User Management – Kick, mute, or ban members.
  • Manage text and voice channel permissions
  • Manage Roles – Create, add permissions or delete roles
  • Manage messages and threads

You can come up with any role names you desire for your server, but if you are looking for ideas then we have an article on good Discord role names and ideas.

👋 This article is part of our guide on Discord Basics.

How to Make Someone Admin on Discord

Admin is a powerful role and gives the assigned member almost as much control as you. Think of these admins as your ‘Generals’, that are only slightly less powerful than you.

Admins can help you keep your server running smoothly by managing users, moderating channels, assigning roles, etc.

You should identify good members and make them administrators to lessen your burden.

The detailed steps are as follows:

Step #1: Go to the server home and click on the server name.

Step #2: Select the ‘Server Settings’ option.

Discord server settings icon

Step #3: Click on ‘Roles’ to bring up the Roles section.

Step #4: Click on ‘Create Role’ to start with creating a new role.

Create discord Role option

Step #5: Give the role a good name. You can also choose to assign a color and image to this role.

Discord role name

Step #6: Click on the ‘Permissions’ tab.

Step #7: Find the ‘Advanced Permissions’ and toggle on the ‘Administrator’ permission.

Step #8: Click on ‘Save changes’ to create this role.

Create Discord admin role

Step #9: Click on ‘Members’ on the left side menu and find the members you want to make admins.

Step #10: Click on the plus sign next to the member’s name. You can now search for the newly created role and add it to the member by clicking on it.

Assign discord admin role

How to Make Someone Moderator on Discord

Moderators (also called Mods) is a role that has fewer permissions than an administrator but still helps with managing some aspects of the server. Think of them as the ‘police’ of your server.

The steps to make someone a moderator are the same as making someone an admin, except selecting the ‘Administrator’ option.

Instead of selecting the ‘Administrator’ option, you must choose each permission separately. This gives you more control over the permissions you assign to the mods.

There is no rule book for moderator permissions, but to be effective, moderators should have permissions to manage users and channels.

You can also create multiple moderator roles with different permissions to set up your server like an organization.

📋 Note: Moderator role is less powerful than an administrator role.

Transfer Discord Server Ownership

If you want another member to take over the server entirely, you can transfer the ownership.

This is a good option if you don’t want to manage the server any more or need to concentrate on other aspects of your life.

Transferring ownership gives the other member the ultimate administrative permissions, so it should be done thoughtfully.

📋 Note: Transferring ownership is an irreversible step and should be done thoughtfully.

The steps to transfer ownership are:

Step #1: Navigate to the server home.

Step #2: Click on ‘Server Settings’.

Discord server home

Step #3: Click on the ‘Members’ option in the left menu

Step #4: Find the member and click on the three dots that appear next to their name.

Step #5: In the drop-down menu, select ‘Transfer Ownership’

Select Transfer Ownership

Step #6: Toggle the Acknowledge button and click on ‘Transfer Ownership’ in the pop-up window to confirm the transfer.

Complete Ownership transfer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Discord Roles be Automatically Assigned?

Discord roles can be automatically assigned by using Discord Bots (Carl-bot, Dyno, and MEE6). These bots can be used to assign roles right away or when members achieve some predefined goals.

Administrator and Moderators roles should not be automatically assigned with bots. Instead, other admins and mods should do it manually to avoid server take-over issues.

By default, all members of a Discord server are assigned the @everyone role.

Are there Discord Moderator Bots?

Yes, moderator bots can help you with specific tasks on a Discord Server. Carl-bot, MEE6, and Dyno bots are the most popular moderator bots.

Final Words on Making Someone Administrator or Moderator on Discord

If you are interested in learning more about Discord server roles and permissions, you can check out the official Discord Guide here.

Promoting a member to admin or mod is a big step, and only members your know very well or have a good history on the server should be given these permissions.

If you are reading this guide, then your server has definitely grown in popularity. Congratulations, and I hope this was helpful.

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