How to Make a Welcome Channel in Discord (Step-by-Step Guide)

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What could be better than a warm welcome message to all the new users joining your server?

Not only does it make the users feel welcome, but it is also a great way to introduce them to the community.

With that in mind, this guide shows you how to make a welcome channel in Discord.

Discord has a very limited welcome channel and message options; therefore, we will use bots to get it done.

Don’t let the word ‘bots’ scare you. They are easy to set up and help server owners and admins with server management tasks.

So, let’s start from the beginning.

What to Know

‣ Only Text Channels can be made into welcome channels.

‣ A rules channel, set up with Discord Community Feature, is different from a welcome channel.

What is a Welcome Channel in Discord?

A welcome channel is a dedicated channel to announce and welcome new users to the Discord server.

It is also a way to introduce new members to the community.

Do not confuse a welcome channel with a rules channel, as they are configured separately and have different purposes.

rules channel is the first channel a server member sees and has to agree to. It lists the server rules and guidelines.

Once the new members have agreed to the rules, only then can they be introduced in the welcome channel.

If your intention was to create a channel that is shown first with your server rules, then read our latest guide on how to create a rules channel in Discord easily.

Why make a Welcome Channel in Discord?

A welcome channel adds a nice touch to your server, but it is used for more than just aesthetic purposes.

A welcome channel can have various uses, such as:

  • Announce the joining of new members.
  • Welcome new members with a custom message, and introduce the server.
  • List all the admins, moderators, and bots accounts they can reach out to for help.
  • Mention first steps, or anything else they can refer to get started.

Additionally, a custom welcome message can be used to make your server stand out.

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How to Make a Welcome Channel in Discord

Discord does not provide a function to make a welcome channel; therefore, we’ll have to use bots.

Many bots can help you make a welcome channel, but we will do it with one of the most popular bots – MEE6.

For overall server management, nothing beats MEE6. It helps server owners customize their server precisely to their liking.

Since this guide is for new Discord users, we’ll first start with the basics and create the channel before setting up the MEE6 bot.

Step #1: Navigate to the server where you want to create the welcome channel, and click on the ‘+’ sign next to ‘Text Channels’ to begin creating a new channel.

Add new channel

Step #2: Select the ‘Text Channel’ option and provide a channel name.

Do not turn on the ‘Private Channel’ option.

Once you are ready, click on ‘Create Channel’, to create the channel.

Create welcome channel

Step #3: Open your browser and go to the MEE6 bot website. Click on ‘Add to Discord’.

If you are prompted to log in, go ahead and do that first.

Start MEE6 bot adding process

Step #4: Authorize MEE6 to access your account details.

Don’t worry, as the bot needs this information to know which servers you have the necessary permissions on.

MEE6 does not steal your account information, and all your data is kept private.

Authorize MEE6 bot

Step #5: Select the server on which you want to add the bot.

Choose server to add MEE6 bot

Step #6: In the pop-up window, click on ‘Continue’ to add the bot to your server.

You’ll be prompted to select the permissions you want to give to MEE6. For now, keep it the default by selecting all, as you can change these later.

Add MEE6 bot to discord server

Step #7: Select the ‘Dashboard’ option in the left sidebar.

Step #8: Toggle the switch to turn on the welcome plugin under ‘Server Management’.

Enable welcome channel on Discord

Step #9: Turn on the ‘Send a message when a user joins the server’ option.

Additionally, you can also set up MEE6 to send a private message or assign roles to new server members.

Enable MEE6 welcome plugin

Step #10: Locate the name of your welcome channel in the ‘Welcome Message Channel’ dropdown box.

Additionally, you can select a text message or a custom card to be sent to new members.

Step #11: Click on ‘Save’ to enable the welcome channel.

Create welcome channel on Discord

You have now configured a welcome channel that will be displayed to all new users when they join your server.

How to Make a Welcome Message in Discord

Discord can send an automated welcome message when someone joins a server, but unfortunately, you cannot customize it.

This random welcome message can be turned on by going to Server Settings > Overview -> ‘Send a random welcome message when someone joins the server’.

You’ll have to use bots to have a custom welcome message, and MEE6 comes to the rescue again.

You’ll have to add the MEE6 bot to your server first and to do that, you can follow Steps #1 to #9 in the previous section.

After those steps, you need to do the following.

Step #1: Add your custom message in the ‘Text message’ box.

Step #2: Click on ‘Save’ to set it up.

Make custom Discord welcome message

This custom message is shown in the welcome channel, visible to all server members.

You can also send a private custom message by choosing the ‘Send a private message to new users’ option under the welcome plugin.

Final Words on Making a Welcome Channel in Discord

That’s all there is to make a welcome channel in Discord.

A lot of server owners confuse a rules channel with a welcome channel. Hopefully, this article has cleared that up.

Welcome messages are only posted in the assigned welcome channel and add a nice touch to your server.

Another popular bot to set up a welcome channel is Carl-bot, so if you already have it added to your server, you can just go ahead and use it.

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