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Shufflegazine and WWDC get together.

Why is it that we Apple fans get so excited when we see or meet other Apple users? Our recent get together for WWDC was a good example. Get some 50 Apple fans together, add some good food, throw in an Apple keynote, and you have the makings of a great Stevie partaaay.

I often think when I walk through an airport, for example, and see other people use Macs, iPhones, or iPods, that they are probably not as big Apple fans as I am but I’m happy to see they use Apple products.

Perhaps it’s just something very human to feel good about yourself in that you’ve made the same choice about something as others have. We do like to feel we’re a part of a group of people, feel like we’re a part of a community, feel like we fit in, I guess.

And that’s true for not just Apple and its fan base, it’s true for many other companies and products as well. But I do think it’s definitely different with Apple fans and perhaps only comparable to a few other brands, like Harley Davidson.

The great sense of community that exists in among Apple fans is one reason why we’ve worked so hard on for so long and it warms my heart every time I hear that the web site has helped someone. It’s also a big reason for Shufflegazine to exist and we hope we can do our part to support the Middle Eastern Apple fan base.

It happens that I think about why someone else has not taken advantage of this before. Why, for example, Arab Business Machines (ABM) has not done more to actively support the Apple community and be a part of the various aspects of it. I always fail to come to any answer other than that companies don’t see any money in it. To me that’s a very short-term and narrow-minded view point and one that I don’t want to entertain for myself.

Instead, let’s be happy that we’re a part of a great community, one that is healthy and growing. Let us also do what we can to nurture that community to the benefit of all of us. That’s the way to go and that will lead to financial results for the companies who take part, I think.

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