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Sticking with this month’s shuffle theme, we have thought of using Photoshop tools to draw an iPod Nano. We shall start with an existing Photoshop document and add necessary iPod features to bring it to life. Please download iPod Nano.psd from

STEP ONE: We will start by applying a rounded edges effect to the Nano so it appears as three dimensional. In the Layers Palette, target Base layer, then choose from the menu Layer > New > Layer‚ type “right edge” in the Name field when the New Layer window displays then click OK. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select right edge of the iPod but make it extends beyond the edge (see image).

STEP TWO: Reset foreground and background colors to the default Black and White, then pick Gradient Tool. Make sure your gradient settings in the Option bar are Foreground to Background and Linear gradient is chosen. In the “right edge” layer, Drag with Gradient tool from right to left within the selected area, you should have black on the right side.

STEP THREE: From the menu Select > Deselect . From the menu Layer > Create Clipping Mask to hide any unwanted areas in the “right edge” layer. While still in the same layer, choose Multiply from the Blending mode drop list. Reduce layer opacity if necessary, I have made it as Opacity: 80%

STEP FOUR: We need to mirror the curve effect to the left edge this time. From the menu Layer > Duplicate Layer then name your new layer “left edge”. Use Move Tool drag the resulted duplicate to the left side of your iPod while holding the Shift key on your keyboard to constrain your movement. Last but not least, from the menu Edit > Transform > Rotate 180 to get the needed mirroring. Adjust left edge effect if necessary by dragging the effect further right or left.

STEP FIVE: I have left few ruler guides for you, to reveal them visit the menu View > Show > Guides. We will use the outer guides to draw iPod’s click wheel. Create a new Layer and name it “white circle” (to create a new layer follow STEP ONE above) Choose the Elliptical Tool. Hold the Shift key down to make a perfect circle then start drawing a circular selection from the top left outer guides corner down until your selection reaches the outer right guide.

STEP SIX: From menu Edit > Fill, choose White from the Use drop menu for contents filling and untick the Preserve Transparency check box and click OK. Deselect before proceeding to the next step from the menu Select > Deselect.

STEP SEVEN: This time is the small Click button in the middle. Create a new Layer and name it “button”, then use Elliptical Marquee Tool to draw a perfect circle, hold Shift key and drag a selection from the top left corner of the inner guides to the right inner guide. To fill this button with the same color of the iPod body, use the Eye dropper tool and click on the middle of iPod body. The iPod green color now shows as Foreground color.

STEP EIGHT: While the button selection still active, we will fill it with green. From the menu Edit > Fill and choose there Foreground color from the Use drop menu. Deselect and hide guides to remove any screen clutter. Since the “button” layer is still selected, we will apply an effect to it. From menu Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay, choose Screen for Blend Mode, reduce Opacity to 32%, and change angle direction to 124 and Click OK.

STEP NINE: Click on the Base layer to target it, from the menu Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow, reduce opacity to 32% and change Angle to 124 then click OK. Last thing left is to display the screen that I copied from and Apple advertisement and dial marks just click on the Eye box in the Layers Palette beside the Layers set “Touch wheel Type”.

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