The Next iPhone Model, with Video Conferencing?

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It has been revealed that the next iPhone model will be released in June; This is consistent with the iPhone development cycle that has been stated by Apple in the past. And there has already been evidence discovered that points to this development in progress. When the 2.2.1 firmware update for iPhone was release last week several developers noted that there was a new model indicator in an included property list file designated as “iPhone 2,1″.

And there has been outside evidence of this new model as well. Devices identifying themselves as “iPhone 2,1″ have accessed cellphone networks and Internet hotspots in the Silicon Valley area of California, and have been detected in ad views through PinchMedia. This indicates that prototype models of the next iPhone are already being actively tested.

And the designation “iPhone 2,1″ is significant in itself, indicating that it is likely to be a major upgrade to the model line. The first iPhone is designated as “iPhone 1,1″, the iPhone 3g as “iPhone 1,2″. In the iPod touch models the original iPod touch is “iPod 1,1″ and the newer significantly revised iPod touch is “iPod 2,1″.

So what might be on the horizon for the new iPhone? Well in the large patent that Apple was recently awarded for its iPhone technology, there are of course descriptions of the iPhone’s features, techniques and processes; but there are also many references to possible future features of the iPhone. What might those be? InformationWeek’s Alexander Wolfe has pored through the pages of patent description and found references to video capture, and even more interesting, video conferencing. These are two things that iPhone enthusiast have been wanting from the start. The video conferencing in particular could really cause a serious upsurge in the iPhone’s popularity. Some have said that there is no “killer app” for iPhone. (Which is rediculous; the iPhone *IS* the killer app.) But in addition to all the other cool things it can do, if the iPhone also made for easy on-the-go video conferencing that could bring it’s acceptance to stratospheric levels. (If it hasn’t gotten there already!)

Of course, we won’t know if these features are going to be in the next iPhone until Apple decides to release it. They are, as always, quite secretive about what is coming next, usually not even dropping hints as to what the future holds. These tidbits on what may be ahead are a great deal more than we usually get; usually there are only speculative rumors as to what may be coming up. And while other rumors about the next iPhone are out there, this current information is a little more concrete, if still only hints.

Alexander Wolfe’s post on what is revealed in the iPhone patent filing is quite interesting and worth a read. You can find it here:

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