The story of how a simple blog post took off

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When I posted the NVIDIA story the other day I had no idea it would take off like it did. After a while I saw some traffic coming in and they picked up on the interesting fact that the NVIDIA CEO said that it’s all Apple in his house.

A bit later someone saw that there was a tablet-like device laying on the table in one of the photos and speculation took off about it being the much-anticipated Apple tablet. I knew it wasn’t but didn’t think much of it until traffic went nuts.

Links from Gizmodo, Engadget and dozens of other sites meant rumors started flying around that this was Apple’s iTablet and that the NVIDIA CEO was not speaking about it. It’s true that he did not speak about Apple’s tablet but this wasn’t it.

I didn’t play with the tablet myself at the event but after checking with a few other people who were present we can tell you what it was. It was a Tegra-based tablet concept developed by NVIDIA to show other companies what can be done. This one was developed for T-Mobile.

So there’s the story about how something very innocent can spiral almost out of control without you even considering it a possibility beforehand. In one 24 hour period we got more traffic than we normally do in a month. And the really good news is that our site held up very well to the onslaught.

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