How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Server (Desktop and Mobile)

Transfer Server ownership discord

Sometimes your server grows big and managing it becomes complicated and time-consuming. It does not seem fun anymore and feels like a full-time job.

Or sometimes, you just want to take a break and have someone else look after your server.

Whatever the case, If you have decided to leave your server, you must transfer the ownership to another member first.

The steps are not complicated, and this article will show you how to transfer ownership of a Discord server to another member.

What to Know

‣ A Discord server can only have one owner.

‣ Only the server creator or owner can transfer ownership. Admins and moderators cannot do it.

‣ One cannot claim back server ownership automatically. Therefore, only transfer to trustworthy members.

‣ After transfer, the previous owner retains access and gets the privileges tied to their role.

What Happens When you Transfer Ownership on Discord?

Transferring server ownership is no small step. You are essentially giving away your server to another user, who will have complete control over it.

Discord administrators and moderators can have many privileges to control the server, but they still cannot take or transfer ownership.

Only the server creator or current owner can transfer ownership, and it can be transferred to any user, whether they are an admin or regular member.

Transferring ownership happens instantly, and you’ll see the crown icon next to the new owner’s name.

The previous owner can still access the server and enjoy privileges associated with their new role.

How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Server on Desktop (PC)

Transferring server ownership on a desktop (PC) is a straightforward process.

You can follow these steps if you are using a Windows, Mac, or Browser to access Discord.

Step #1: Click on the server name box in the top left corner

Step #2: Select ‘Server Settings’ to go to the server management page.

Discord Server Settings

Step #3: Select ‘Members’ under the ‘User Management’ section on the left sidebar.

Step #4: In the member’s list, find the member’s name and then hover on their name to see the three dots appear on the right corner. Click on the three dots to bring up a menu.

Step #5: Select ‘Transfer Ownership’ in the menu.

Transfer ownership option on Discord

Step #6: Click on the ‘Transfer Ownership’ Button to complete the transfer.

Transfer Ownership of a discord sever on desktop

How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Server on Mobile App

Transferring ownership is not any more complex through the mobile app.

Step #1: Navigate to the home screen where you can see the list of servers and channels, and Tap on the server name of the three dots next to it.

Step #2: Tap on the ‘Settings’ option to go to the server settings.

Step #3: Select the ‘Members’ option under ‘User Management’.

Discord member list on mobile

Step #4: Find the member’s name to whom you want to transfer ownership and tap on the member’s name.

Step #5: Scroll up and tap on the ‘Transfer Ownership’ option.

Step #6: Confirm the transfer by tapping the ‘Transfer Button’.

Transfer ownership of Discord server on mobile

How to Request Transfer of a Discord Server with no Owner

If the owner has abandoned the server without transferring ownership or the owner’s account has been compromised, other users can request to take over the ownership.

This request has to be made to the Discord support team, and there is no guarantee that you’ll be given ownership. But, it is worth a try.

Step #1: Go to the Discord support page to submit a request

Step #2: Select ‘Help & Support’ and ‘Server Ownership Transfer Request’.

Discord server ownership transfer request

Step #3: Provide the rest of the details, and do mention that the owner has left the server and you are requesting to transfer server ownership.

Step #4: Click ‘Submit’ to send the request and wait for a response back on your email address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a Discord Server Have More Than one Owner?

A Discord server can only have a single owner. There can be admin roles with all the privileges that an owner has, but the ownership of a Discord server can only belong to a single user.

However, the ownership of a Discord server can be transferred to any other user.

Can you Transfer Back Ownership of a Discord Server?

Discord server ownership can be transferred back, but the previous owner cannot automatically claim the ownership. If you had transferred the ownership, the only way to get it back would be to request the new owner to transfer it back to you.

Can you Have a Discord Server Without an Owner?

A Discord server can exist for some time without an owner, but the server would be eventually be deleted by the Discord service. Therefore, for a server to exist, it must have an owner.

If you want to claim and transfer ownership of a Discord server with no owner, you can request Discord support.

How to Find the Owner of a Discord Server?

Discord owners have a crown icon next to their name. You can look in the member list and find the member with the crown icon.

Another option is to ask around in the server channels or send a message to the admins.

👋 We cover more such tips and tricks in our guide on how to use Discord to get the most out of it.

Final Thoughts on Transferring Discord Server Ownership

You now know that transferring ownership is no small step; therefore, it should be done thoughtfully.

Make sure you are giving away your server to trustworthy users, and it will be in good hands.

Before giving away the server to another member, make the member an admin and watch how they conduct the server. This would be a good indication of whether they’ll be a good owner or not.

If you have decided to leave the Discord server and have vetted the potential new owner, this article has hopefully shown you how to transfer ownership of a Discord server easily.

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