What Does Idle Mean on Discord (Moon Icon)

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Are you looking to understand what does idle mean on Discord?

If you have been on Discord for some time, you have definitely seen the orange moon icon on some user’s avatar.

That moon icon represents the ‘Idle’ status, one of the four types of statuses available on Discord.

Discord’s ‘Idle’ status can be set automatically, or the user can set it manually, but it means the same regardless.

Let’s go over what does ‘idle’ means and how to set it.

What to Know

‣ 'Idle' status is set automatically after about 5-10 minutes of inactivity, but the users can set it manually as well.

‣ If you had chosen 'Do Not Disturb' or 'Invisible' status, then your status does not automatically change to 'Idle' after some inactivity period.

‣ If you manually select your status to be 'Idle', it will remain as such until you log off Discord or change it back yourself.

What Does Idle Mean on Discord?

Idle status means that the user is logged into Discord and has the app open but is not currently on it or using it.

Some of the reasons for this status are:

  • Discord App is open in the background while the user is doing something else on the computer or mobile.
  • The user has Discord open but is not using the device.
  • The Discord user has stepped away from their computer or mobile, also called ‘AFK’ (Away From Keyword).
  • The user manually changed their status to idle.

Similar to the ‘Online’ status, a user in ‘Idle’ will get all the notifications and messages, but the status indicates that they might not respond right away.

‘Idle’ does not mean that the user has lost internet connectivity or has closed the app because they will be marked as ‘Offline’ in those scenarios.

📋 Note: A user's status is automatically set to 'Idle' only if the user was 'Online' before their inactivity was detected by Discord.

How to Manually Set Your Status as Idle on a Computer or Web Browser

It is very simple to set your status as idle on the computer or web browser.

Step #1: Click on your avatar in the bottom left corner

user avatar on Discord

Step #2: In the status menu that pops up, choose ‘Idle’.

Status list on Discord

That’s it. Your status has been set to Idle, and your avatar will now have an orange moon icon next to it.

Idle status on Discord

How to Manually Set Your Status as Idle on Mobile

The steps to set ‘Idle’ manually on mobile are also straightforward.

Step #1: Navigate to the screen where you can see your profile avatar, and tap on your avatar to go to ‘User Settings’.

Step #2: Under ‘User Settings’, tap on ‘Set Status’ option.

Step #3: Tap on ‘Idle’ to change your status to idle.

set discord idle status mobile

Your status will be changed immediately, and you’ll see the moon icon next to your avatar.

📋 Note: You can be 'Idle' on the Discord Mobile app if you leave it running in the background

Discord Status Types

There are five user status types in Discord, and a sixth option is to set any custom status.

Online – This is the default active status that puts a green dot next to your avatar. It indicates that you are actively using Discord and are available to interact.

Idle – This status is automatically assigned when you have been inactive on the server for some time and is represented with a half-moon icon.

A user can manually set their status to ‘Idle’ for an indefinite period. The status will remain even if you become active on the server.

Do Not Disturb – This shows a red dot next to your avatar to indicate that you are online but do not want to interact with anyone.

Invisible – You appear offline to all Discord users but can continue using Discord with the invisible status.

You can use all Discord features (play games, chat, and send direct messages), but other users see you as offline. A grey circle appears next to your avatar.

We have a helpful article on how to appear offline on Discord for your reference.

Offline – This is the status assigned when a user logs out to Discord.

Custom – In addition to the four Discord statuses, you can also set a custom status. Custom statuses appear under your username and can be set to appear for a specified period of time or until you manually change them.

👋 If you are looking for more helpful articles then check out our Discord guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does it Take for Discord to go Idle?

If you are inactive for 5-10 minutes, your status automatically changes to Idle on Discord.

If you manually selected your status to be ‘Do not Disturb’ or ‘Invisible’, then your status does not automatically change to ‘Idle’.

How do you Know if Someone is Idle on Discord?

If you see an orange moon icon next to the user’s avatar, that means that the user is in the ‘Idle’ status.

If a user is logged into Discord but inactive, their status is automatically set to ‘Idle’.

Idle Status On Discord Summary

Just like other messaging applications, Discord offers various statuses to indicate the user’s desire to interact with others or not.

If you do not want your status to be automatically set to ‘Idle’, you should manually select the other statuses.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful to understand the ‘Idle’ status.

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